The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Super Black Ninja vs. James Jefferson

Event: WWC
Location: Unknown
Attendance:  Unknown

Kick by Black Ninja to start the match, Irish whip by Black Ninja and he delivers a dropkick. Elbow drop by Black Ninja, cover, but it only gets a one count. Black Ninja rakes Jefferson in the eyes with his boot, Black Ninja kicks Jefferson into the corner and chokes him with his boot. Headbutt by Black Ninja and he chops Jefferson to the mat. Jefferson fights back with a few punches but Black Ninja knocks him back and goes for the arm, but Jefferson gets a leg over the ropes to force a break. Black Ninja picks up Jefferson and punches him in the face before choking him around the top rope. Punches by Black Ninja against the ropes, Irish whip, and he hits a lariat followed by a somersault senton for a two count. Black Ninja picks up Jefferson, snapmare, and he applies a headscissors. Jefferson gets out of it, but Black Ninja bites Jefferson in the head. Another bite by Black Ninja and he clubs Jefferson in the back of the head before throwing him out of the ring. Black Ninja goes out after him and throws Jefferson into the guard rail. Black Ninja picks up Jefferson and slams him into the ring post before sliding him back into the ring. Black Ninja gets up on the top turnbuckle and chops Jefferson in the throat, rib breaker by Black Ninja and he nails the moonsault for the three count cover. Your winner: Super Black Ninja

Match Thoughts: A better short match then many of the others I have seen from Mutoh in WWC, as he kept the offense varied (lariat, senton, going outside the ring, etc.) to keep it interesting. Course Jefferson didn't really put up a fight, would have been nice for him to at least get a quick hope spot, but nothing really wrong with the match even it wasn't overly exciting or compelling. Score: 5.0

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