The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Super Black Ninja vs. Armand Salgado

Event: WWC
Location: Unknown
Attendance:  Unknown

Kick by Black Ninja to start the match, Irish whip, and Black Ninja delivers a dropkick. Black Ninja punches Salgado into the corner, Black Ninja chokes Salgado over the top rope, snapmare, and Black Ninja stomps on Salgado. Scoop slam by Black Ninja and he hits a leg drop. Snapmare by Black Ninja and he applies a reverse chinlock. Salgado struggles to his feet and applies a wristlock, but Black Ninja takes Salgado down with a single leg. Black Ninja yanks back on Salgado's leg and applies an ankle lock. Black Ninja jumps down onto Salgado's leg but Salgado fights back with punches. Black Ninja regains the advantage and applies a knee submission hold, Black Ninja picks up Salgado and puts him in the Tree of Woe as he twists on Salgado's ankle. Chop by Black Ninja, Irish whip by Salgado and he hits an elbow. Cover by Salgado but it gets a two count. Reverse chinlock by Salgado, he picks up Black Ninja and slams him to the mat. Salgado goes for a leg drop but Black Ninja rolls out of the way, he takes off some of his wrist tape and chokes Salgado with it. Punch to the head by Black Ninja and he hits a headbutt, rib breaker by Black Ninja and he nails the moonsault. Cover, and he picks up the three count. Your winner: Super Black Ninja

Match Thoughts: A slight set back from the previous match I reviewed as it was a short match and per usual Salgado never seemed to have any chance of winning. Mutoh was still working on the "Muta" persona throughout 1988 and while I think he was really good during this period he didn't get a lot of full singles matches in WWC that made tape. Salgado got in too much offense for this to be considered a squash, but he never got much of an upper hand and in the end it just wasn't very entertaining. Score: 4.0

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