The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Super Black Ninja vs. Invader III

Event: WWC
Location: Unknown
Attendance:  Unknown

This is a Bunkhouse Match. Black Ninja attacks Invader with a championship belt to start the match, snapmare by Black Ninja and he goes up top with the belt to hit Invader in the head with it. The referee gets the belt away from Black Ninja, and Black Ninja stomps Invader repeatedly in the head. Chops to the head by Black Ninja as Invader is already bleeding, and Invader falls out of the ring. Black Ninja goes out after him with an ax handle from the apron. Black Ninja throws Invader into the ring post and slams Black Ninja into a table. Black Ninja then picks up a set of chairs and hits Invader in the head with it. Chops to the injured head of Invader by Black Ninja, and Invader finally rolls back into the ring. Black Ninja follows him in and stomps Invader in the face, but Invader kicks Black Ninja low. Chops by Invader and he throws Black Ninja out of the ring. Invader goes out as well and Invader hits Black Ninja in the head with a wooden chair. Invader picks up Black Ninja and throws him into a table before hitting Black Ninja with the chair again. Invader rams Black Ninja into the protective rail at ringside before Black Ninja escapes back into the ring. Invader follows Black Ninja, but Black Ninja kicks Invader and chokes him with his shirt. Irish whip by Black Ninja and he delivers a lariat. Black Ninja takes off his boot and hits Invader in the head with it. With get a commercial break, and when we return Invader has regained the advantage. Invader picks up Black Ninja and hits a backbreaker, cover, but it gets a two count. Piledriver by Invader, cover, but Black Ninja kicks out. Back up they trade blows, and Invader rams Black Ninja into the turnbuckle. Black Ninja fights back with chops to the head and they trade headbutts and punches while on their knees. Irish whip by Invader and the two collide with both falling to the mat. They slowly get up, Black Ninja gets his hands on a briefcase but Invader kicks him in the stomach and takes it from him. Invader hits Black Ninja in the head with the briefcase and picks up the three count. Your winner: Invader III

Match Thoughts: I have no idea what this match was about, which is one of the problems reviewing a random and out of order string of matches (it is possible the event is mislabeled with the wrong Invader, but I couldn't confirm it). Anyway, at times I felt the heat between them but for a good percentage of the match it just seemed to drag and the ending was a bit lame for a Bunkhouse Match. It was interesting watching Mutoh wrestle in jeans on a field, so I consider it worth watching, but at least half the match was Mutoh chopping Invader in the head. So for the spectacle, it was fine, I was just hoping for a bit more of a hatred feeling in a special "everything goes" blood feud match such as this was one supposed to be. Score: 5.5

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