The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Super Black Ninja vs. Hurricane Castillo Jr.

Event: WWC
Location: Unknown
Attendance:  Unknown

They circle each other to start, tie-up, Black Ninja pushes Castillo into the ropes and he gives Castillo a little slap as he backs off. Castillo slaps Black Ninja back, tie-up, waistlock by Black Ninja but Castillo gets out of it with an armdrag. They lock knuckles, Castillo flips Black Ninja to the mat and gets a one count cover. Back up, tie-up, side headlock by Black Ninja, Castillo Irish whips out of it but Black Ninja shoulderblocks him down. Black Ninja goes off the ropes but Castillo catches him with an armdrag. Black Ninja says that Castillo grabbed his hair, but since Black Ninja doesn't have any hair it isn't working. Tie-up, elbow to the back of the head by Black Ninja and he kicks Castillo in the midsection. Irish whip by Black Ninja and he hits a back bodydrop. Black Ninja picks up Castillo and elbows Castillo in the back of the head but Castillo chops him back. Castillo throws Black Ninja into the corner, Irish whip by Castillo and he chops Black Ninja in the chest. Elbow drop by Castillo and he hits a second one. Castillo picks up Black Ninja, Irish whip, and Castillo delivers a jumping knee. Black Ninja is distracted at ringside which gives Black Ninja a chance to recover, Irish whip by Black Ninja and Castillo is hit from the outside. Black Ninja picks up Castillo, rib breaker, he nails the moonsault, but Miguel Perez runs down and interrupts the three count. Perez dropkicks Black Ninja out of the ring as the bell rings, your winner by DQ: Super Black Ninja

Match Thoughts: Again part of the bigger story, as Black Ninja was feuding with Perez at the time, whom Black Ninja defeated for the Puerto Rican Heavyweight Championship. This was a much more back and forth match then the others I have seen from WWC, but Black Ninja still had the match won in around 5 minutes so it wasn't really that much longer then usual. Besides Black Ninja being intrigued by his lack of hair, nothing particularly interesting besides Perez getting one over on him which didn't happen to Black Ninja much in WWC. Score: 4.0

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