The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Keiji Mutoh and Don Arakawa vs. Tony St. Clair and Umanosuke Ueda
on September 6th, 1985

Event: New Japan Pro Wrestling
Location: Unknown
Attendance:  Unknown

Mutoh and St. Clair start things off. Tie-up, side headlock by St. Clair and he takes Mutoh to the mat. Mutoh struggles back to his feet but St. Clair hits another side headlock takedown. Mutoh gets to his feet again, Irish whip by Mutoh but St. Clair applies a sleeperhold. Uppercut by St. Clair and he hits a second one, Irish whip but Mutoh connects with the sunset flip for a one count. Tie-up, wristlock by St. Clair and he tags in Ueda. Snapmare by Ueda and he applies a reverse chinlock to Mutoh. Mutoh gets back to his feet but Ueda pushes him against the ropes before giving a clean break. Tie-up, side headlock takedown by Ueda but Mutoh rolls him up. Mutoh tags in Arakawa, Ueda and Arakawa tie-up, Arakawa pushes Ueda against the ropes and chops him before backing off. Tie-up again, Ueda pushes Arakawa against the ropes, he gives a clean break but Arakawa slaps him in the face. Annoyed now, Ueda throws Arakawa out of the ring but Arakawa slides back in as Ueda exits. Arakawa kicks Ueda as he gets back in the ring, but Ueda pulls him out to the floor. Back in the ring, Ueda grabs Arakawa's arm and takes him to the mat, but Arakawa gets in the ropes. Ueda tags in St. Clair, uppercuts by St. Clair to Arakawa, snapmare, and he hits a leg drop. Cover, but Arakawa kicks out at two. Punches by Arakawa and he makes the tag to Mutoh. Mutoh picks up St. Clair, Irish whip, and Mutoh nails a dropkick. St. Clair avoids Mutoh's legdrop however, elbow strike by St. Clair, Irish whip, but Mutoh hits a crossbody. Back up, single leg takedown by St. Clair and he tags in Ueda. Ueda sits down onto Mutoh's leg, he goes for a submission but Mutoh gets into the ropes. Side headlock takedown by Ueda and he keeps the hold applied on the mat before tagging St. Clair back in. Punch to the stomach by St. Clair and an uppercut, but Mutoh comes back with an uppercut of his own. Irish whip by St. Clair but Mutoh knocks him down with a shoulderblock. St. Clair gets back up, back bodydrop by St. Clair to Mutoh and he dropkicks Mutoh against the ropes. St. Clair charges Mutoh but Mutoh ducks and sends St. Clair out of the ring to the floor. Mutoh then goes to the ropes and sails out onto St. Clair with a pescado. Mutoh goes to roll back in but St. Clair grabs him and throws Mutoh into the guard rail. St. Clair slides back in and Mutoh follows, Irish whip by St. Clair from the corner, reversed, and Mutoh knees St. Clair in the stomach. Backbreaker by Mutoh, he goes up top and nails a moonsault. Cover, but Ueda runs in and pulls off Mutoh. Ueda throws Mutoh out of the ring and throws him into the railing, causing the DQ. Your winners: Keiji Mutoh and Don Arakawa

Post match: Ueda gets a chair and starts hitting people with it, particularly Mutoh. St. Clair then starts choking Arakawa, who we never saw in the match in this edited version. He gets hit with the chair as well as they go into the bleachers, but Mutoh recovers and they run off the bad guys.

Match Thoughts: This match was really a set up for the next match that was taped, which was 12 days later with Mutoh in a singles match against St. Clair. Mutoh had St. Clair beaten fairly when Ueda went crazy and starting beating people with chairs, which sounds about right. Again Mutoh was showing off his moves with the dangerous looking pescado and the much smoother moonsault then when he performed it for the first time in a televised match (no idea when the first time he did the move was, since event results are impossible to find for smaller shows in the 80s). A simple match but with a unique ending which made it more memorable. Score: 6.0

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