The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Keiji Mutoh and Ishimori vs. Kensuke Sasaki and Nakajima
on September 30th, 2005

Event: All Japan Pro Wrestling TV Taping
Location: Tokyo Korakuen Hall
Attendance:  1,900

Ishimori and Nakajima start things off.  Nakajima kicks Ishimori in the leg, and Ishimori back off.  Ishimori takes down Nakajima, Nakajima reverses positions with him and applies an arm wrench.  Nakajima rolls out of it, but Nakajima reverses it back.  Headscissors by Ishimori, he applies a side headlock, Nakajima Irish whips out of it, but Ishimori shoulderblocks him down.  Ishimori goes off the ropes, but Nakajima catches him with a dropkick.  Irish whip by Nakajima, Ishimori applies the Christo hold, but Nakajima makes it to the ropes.  Ishimori tags in Mutoh, and Nakajima tags in Sasaki.  Waistlock by Mutoh, reversed by Sasaki, and Sasaki rolls him up for a one count.  Back up, they go into a Test of Strength, and Sasaki gets Mutoh down on the mat.  Mutoh struggles back up to his feet, but Sasaki is too strong and he pushes Mutoh into the ropes for a clean break.  Mutoh tags Ishimori back in, Sasaki asks for a Test of Strength and promptly picks up Ishimori, slamming him back into his corner. Sasaki tags in Nakajima, and Nakajima kicks Ishimori hard in the chest.  Irish whip by Nakajima and he hits a dropkick.  Chop by Ishimori, Nakajima returns with a forearm shot, but Nakajima floors Ishimori with a kick to the head.  Forearm shot by Nakajima, he hits a scoop slam and applies an elevated crab hold.  Ishimori makes it to the ropes however, Nakajima picks him back up, but Ishimori drives Nakajima into the mat and tags in Mutoh.  Mutoh kicks Nakajima, snapmare, and he nails the Flash Elbow.  Key lock by Mutoh, but Sasaki comes in and kicks Mutoh in the back.  Mutoh applies another arm submission into the cross armbreaker, but Nakajima is too close to the ropes.  Mutoh goes back to the key lock, but again Sasaki runs in to break it up.  Mutoh tags in Ishimori, and Ishimori elbows Nakajima repeatedly in the arm.  Arm breaker by Ishimori and he applies an armbar on the mat.  Nakajima gets a foot on the ropes, hammerlock takedown by Ishimori and he goes for the cross armbreaker.  He finally gets it, but Nakajima quickly gets a foot on the ropes.  Ishimori tags in Mutoh, and Mutoh elbows Nakajima in the arm.  Armbar by Mutoh into a modified crossface, but again Nakajima gets a foot on the ropes.  Mutoh dropkicks Nakajima while he is still on the mat and dropkicks him again as he gets up.  Key lock submission by Mutoh and he tags in Ishimori.  Ishimori kicks Nakajima in the arm and hits a chop, but Nakajima fights back and knocks him down with a kick.  Nakajima tags in Sasaki, scoop slam by Sasaki on Ishimori, and he hits another scoop slam.  Elbow drop by Sasaki, cover, but Ishimori kicks out.  Sasaki chops Ishimori, Ishimori comes back with forearm shots, but Sasaki knocks him down with another chop.  Sasaki tags Nakajima back in, and Nakajima stomps Ishimori while he lays on the mat.  Forearm by Nakajima, Ishimori slowly gets to his feet, and Nakajima forearms some more.  Nakajima goes off the ropes, hits a jumping forearm shot, cover, but Ishimori kicks out.  Snapmare by Nakajima, and he tags in Sasaki. 

Sasaki delivers a vertical suplex to Ishimori, cover, but it only gets a two count.  Irish whip by Sasaki to the corner, but Ishimori gets his foot up and hits a double stomp to Sasaki's back.  This gives Ishimori time to tag in Mutoh, Mutoh dropkicks Sasaki in the leg and hits a dragon screw leg whip.  Irish whip by Mutoh to the corner, he hits his cartwheel back elbow and follows it with a Shining Wizard while Sasaki is still in the corner.  Mutoh puts Sasaki on the top turnbuckle and hits the Frankensteiner.  Cover, but Nakajima runs in to break it up.  Ishimori comes in to take care of Nakajima, Mutoh dropkicks Sasaki in the knee and hits another dragon screw leg whip.  The Figure Four is applied by Mutoh, but Nakajima breaks free and kicks Mutoh in the chest.  Mutoh goes off the ropes, but Sasaki catches him with a powerslam and tags in Nakajima.  Kicks to the chest by Nakajima, Irish whip, and he hits a jumping elbow strike.  Double armed suplex by Nakajima, he goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick.  Cover, but Mutoh kicks out.  Kicks to the chest by Nakajima, but Mutoh catches the one aimed at his head and hits a perfect dragon screw leg whip.  Mutoh tags in Ishimori, who throws Nakajima into the corner.  Irish whip by Ishimori, reversed, but Ishimori flips out to the apron and forearms Nakajima to the mat.  Ishimori re-enters the ring with a springboard quebrada, cover, but it only gets a two count.  Irish whip by Ishimori, Nakajima goes for a sunset flip, but Ishimori rolls through and dropkicks him in the face.  Ishimori goes off the ropes, but Nakajima catches him with a kick.  Irish whip by Nakajima, but Ishimori jumps up to the second turnbuckle and delivers a quebrada into a reverse DDT.  Cover, but again it gets a two count.  Ishimori goes to the top turnbuckle, but Nakajima is back up and hits a spinning heel kick while Ishimori is still on the top turnbuckle.  Nakajima tags in Sasaki, who picks up Ishimori and drives him into the corner.  After chopping Mutoh off the apron, Sasaki gives Ishimori an Irish whip and a running bulldog.  Irish whip by Sasaki and he judo throws Ishimori down.  Sasaki applies Strangle Hold Gamma, but Mutoh comes in to break it up.  Nakajima tosses Mutoh from the ring, but Mutoh throws him into the guardrail.  Sasaki and Ishimori struggle for position, but Mutoh runs in and hits a Shining Wizard.  Sasaki rolls to the corner and slowly get gets up, Ishimori goes for... well I don't know, I am 99% sure he missed it, but he lands on all fours and Mutoh catapults off his back with a Shining Wizard.  Sasaki stumbles forward, and Ishimori hits a springboard dropkick from the apron.  Shining Wizard by Mutoh, cover by Ishimori, but Sasaki kicks out.  Ishimori hits the Superstar Elbow to Sasaki's... leg.... cover, but Nakajima breaks up the pin attempt.  Mutoh rolls in, Nakajima goes for a kick, but Mutoh hits a dragon screw leg whip.  Ishimori rolls up Sasaki, but he only gets two.  Crucifix pin attempt by Ishimori, but again he gets two.  Ishimori goes for a front cradle, but Sasaki catches him, positions him up in the air for the Northern Lights Bomb and nails it.  Cover, and Sasaki gets the three count pinfall.  Your winners:  Kensuke Sasaki and Katsuhiko Nakajima

Post match:  The Voodoo Murders hit the ring, a big melee ensues with half the locker room coming out, but Team 3-D settles things down and put YASSHI through a table (much to the crowd's delight).  They then give a kid a piece of the table as the show goes off the air.

Match Thoughts:  A fun match, but the most interesting thing to watch here is the strong contrast between Ishimori and Nakajima.  Nakajima is only 17 years old, and yet is already making an impact in All Japan.  Ishimori is 22 years old and has wrestled for various promotions in Japan over the last year.  They are both young and have a lot of ability, but from what I have seen of each I would have to say that the younger Nakajima is more developed.  While he didn't do anything overly flashy, he was good at what he did and didn't make any mistakes in the match.  Ishimori does some nice high spots, but he also botches moves in almost every match I have ever seen him in, including two here.  While it isn't enough to ruin a match, it does take it down a peg.  Mutoh and Sasaki were what you would expect, and both looked good without doing anything real notable.  Mutoh's dragon screw leg whips to Nakajima were cringe-worthy, but Nakajima gets just as much credit as Mutoh does for selling the move so well.  The arm work ended up not meaning anything, although Nakajima did hold his arm throughout the match, so at least it wasn't forgotten.  A solid main-event, and the post-match helped since Team 3-D was the most popular act of the night.  Score:  6.5

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