The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta vs. Dick Murdoch
on September 29th, 1989

Event: WCW Power Hour
Location: Unknown
Announced Attendance: Unknown

They circle each other to start, as Murdoch avoids a kick by Muta. Tie-up, Muta pushes Murdoch into the corner and Muta hits a series of kicks. Murdoch comes back with elbows however, knocking Muta out of the ring. Muta returns after a moment, tie-up, Muta pushes Murdoch into the corner again and elbows him down. Irish whip by Muta and he delivers the space rolling elbow. Muta picks up Murdoch, snapmare, and Muta twists on Murdoch's ankle. Muta uses the ropes for extra pressure, but the referee finally notices. Muta keeps on twisting on Murdoch's ankle and knee, but Murdoch gets back up and gets out of it with an enzigieri. Murdoch drops an elbow onto Muta's leg and now it is Murdoch that twists on Muta's ankle. Muta gets up and flips out of the move, and he kicks Murdoch repeatedly in the leg. Murdoch kicks him back however, Murdoch rolls up Muta but it gets a two count. Kneelock by Muta, Murdoch rolls up Muta but Muta keeps on the hold. Muta pulls back Murdoch's leg but Murdoch fights back. They trade blows, takedown by Murdoch and he twists on Muta's leg some more. Hart antagonizes Murdoch from the apron, which leads to Murdoch going outside the ring to chase him around. Muta comes out and tries to hit Murdoch from behind, but Murdoch turns around and punches Muta. Murdoch throws Muta back into the ring and goes back to the knee, but Muta applies a modified headscissors. Rake to the face by Muta with his boot and he applies a kneelock to Murdoch. Hart helps Muta apply pressure from the outside but again the referee catches him and Muta has to break the hold. Back up, elbow by Murdoch and he kicks Muta in the stomach. Irish whip by Muta, waistlock by Murdoch and he rolls up Muta for a two count. Hart gets on the apron, but Muta elbows him off to the floor. Muta chokes Murdoch against the ropes as Dick Slater comes to ringside. Muta charges Murdoch but Murdoch elbows him to the mat. Elbow drop by Murdoch, cover, but Slater from the floor hits Murdoch in the head with his cast. Muta covers Murdoch, and he picks up the three count! Your winner: Great Muta

Match Thoughts: What a boring match, I hate when Mutoh/Muta gets put into the ring with a slug. Murdoch is a terrible matchup style-wise for Muta which was clear in this match, as 85% of it was just meaningless leg locks. Then, Muta has to cheat just to beat Murdoch, so the old vet can't even drop a fall like a real man. Just disappointing. Score: 3.0

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