The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Keiji Mutoh, Funaki, and Nakanoue vs. Kono, Ryouji Sai, and KAZMA SAKAMOTO
on September 22nd, 2013

Event: WRESTLE-1 Debut Tour Finale
Location: Ishikawa Prefectural Industrial Exhibition Hall #3
Announced Attendance: 1,508 (No Vacancy)

They brawl to start the match both inside and outside of the ring, with SAKAMOTO and Nakanoue becoming the first legal men. Punches by SAKAMOTO, Irish whip, but Nakanoue knocks down SAKAMOTO and tags in Funaki. Kick to the midsection by Funaki, he picks up SAKAMOTO and hits a body slam. Cover, but it gets a two count. Funaki goes for the arm but Sai quickly breaks it up. Funaki picks up SAKAMOTO, snapmare in front of the corner and he tags in Mutoh. Mutoh picks up SAKAMOTO, snapmare, and he hits the Flashing Elbow. Mutoh snaps SAKAMOTO by the leg and he applies a STF. SAKAMOTO inches to the ropes and he grabs it to force the break. Mutoh tags in Nakanoue, Nakanoue picks up SAKAMOTO and hits a scoop slam followed by an elbow drop. Cover, but it gets two. Nakanoue tags in Funaki, kicks to the leg by Funaki and he applies a cross kneelock. That is quickly broken up by Kono and Sai, and Funaki tags in Mutoh. Irish whip by Mutoh to SAKAMOTO and he applies a sleeperhold with a bodyscissors. Cover by Mutoh but it only gets a two count. Mutoh tags in Nakanoue, Nakanoue picks up SAKAMOTO and hits him with an elbow. Nakanoue goes off the ropes but Kono knees him from the apron, giving SAKAMOTO time to hit a lariat. SAKAMOTO tags in Sai, and Sai stomps on Nakanoue. Sai goes for a vertical suplex but Nakanoue blocks it and hits own of his own. Nakanoue tags in Mutoh, and Mutoh dropkicks Sai in the knees. Kono and SAKAMOTO run in the ring but they get dragon screw leg whips, as does Sai. Mutoh applies the Figure Four to Sai but Kono breaks it up. Mutoh picks up Sai and throws him into the corner before hitting the Shining Wizard.

Dragon screw leg whip by Mutoh but Sai blocks the Shining Wizard attempt. Kicks to the chest by Sai, he picks up Mutoh and hits a vertical suplex. Sai tags in SAKAMOTO, Irish whip by SAKAMOTO but Mutoh rolls out of the way of the lariat and hits a dropkick. Mutoh tags in Funaki, back kick by Funaki to SAKAMOTO and he kicks him in the corner. Snapmare by Funaki and he kicks SAKAMOTO in the chest. Funaki picks up SAKAMOTO but SAKAMOTO slides down his back and kicks Funaki to the mat. SAKAMOTO tags in Kono, Kono throws Funaki into the corner and hits a high knee. Vertical suplex by Kono to Funaki, cover, but it gets a two count. Kono picks up Funaki and knees him in the stomach twice. Sleeperhold by Kono, but Funaki hits a backdrop suplex. Kicks to the chest by Funaki but Kono catches one and they trade slaps. Pele Kick by Funaki and he makes the hot tag to Nakanoue. Nakanoue punches Sai off the apron and then elbows Kono in the corner. Jumping lariat by Nakanoue to Kono, cover, but it gets a two count. Scoop slam by Nakanoue, he goes up to the top turnbuckle and connects with the diving elbow. Cover, but Sai and SAKAMOTO break it up. Funaki and Mutoh come in to clear the ring, Nakanoue throws Kono into the corner and all three deliver running strikes to Kono. Shining Wizard by Mutoh, Nakanoue picks up Kono and slams him to the mat. Nakanoue goes up to the top turnbuckle but Sai comes in with a chair and hits Nakanoue with it. SAKAMOTO throws Nakanoue in the corner and hits a running splash, gutbuster by Sai, and Kono comes off the top turnbuckle with a diving knee. Cover, and Kono picks up the three count. Your winners: Masayuki Kono, Ryouji Sai, and KAZMA SAKAMOTO

Match Thoughts: I know that DQ rules are a bit lax in Japan, but I really think knocking someone off the top rope with a chair shouldn't be allowed. Anyway not a bad match but like the first show I don't think it was really main event worthy. The good guys dominated the match up until the ending, as the "control" segments by the heels didn't last very long at all until a new face was tagged in and they got their asses kicked. And even though Kono got the pin it didn't really do anything to elevate him as he had to blatantly cheat and he pinned someone much lower than him on the food chain. The first 95% was good in terms of being fan service, but the ending seemed off for a main event match. Score: 5.5

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