The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Keiji Mutoh, Yamada, and Kimura vs. Hashimoto, Kosugi, and Hoshino
on September 13th, 1985

Event: New Japan Pro Wrestling
Location: Unknown
Attendance:  Unknown

JIP with Mutoh and Kosugi in the ring. Tie-up, side headlock takedown by Kosugi but Mutoh rolls out of it and kicks him in the stomach. Elbow drop by Mutoh and he tags in Yamada. Double Irish whip to Kosugi and they hit a double elbow drop. Scoop slam by Yamada, cover, but it gets a two count. Side headlock by Yamada but Kosugi pushes him back into his corner and tags in Hoshino. Irish whip by Hoshino and he elbows Yamada in the back. Back bodydrop by Hoshino and he tags in Hashimoto. Reverse chinlock by Hashimoto but Yamada makes the tag to Kimura. Irish whip by Kimura and he hits a back bodydrop. Kimura picks up Hashimoto, and he applies a standing figure four leg lock. Snapmare by Kimura and he tags in Mutoh. Mutoh stomps on Hashimoto, Irish whip, and Mutoh nails a dropkick. Crab hold by Mutoh but it is broken up by Hoshino. Yamada comes in as well and assumes the role of legal man to apply a crab hold, it is broken up again, so Kimura comes in the ring and throws Hashimoto out of it. On the outside Kimura Irish whips Hashimoto into the guard rail before sliding him back into the ring. Headscissors by Yamada and he tags in Mutoh. Knee drop from the top by Mutoh, snapmare, and he applies a headscissors to Hashimoto. It is broken up and Hashimoto makes the tag to Kosugi. Kosugi begins working over Mutoh's knee with Hoshino, and Kosugi hits a diving lariat off the second turnbuckle. Scoop slam by Kosugi, Hashimoto comes in and goes for a spinning heel kick but he completely whiffs on the move. Crab hold by Kosugi to Mutoh, it is broken up, Hoshino comes in though and applies a single leg crab hold to Mutoh. Mutoh makes it to the ropes and makes the tag to Kimura. Irish whip by Kimura but Hoshino shoulderblocks him down. Back up, Kimura throws Hoshino out of the ring, Hoshino gets back on the apron and slingshots back in the ring, and they both miss elbow drops. Kimura tags in Mutoh, who delivers a top rope dropkick as he comes into the ring. Wristlock by Hoshino and he tags in Kosugi. Uppercuts by Kosugi but Mutoh sneaks in a backslide for a two count. Snapmare by Mutoh and he applies a reverse chinlock. Irish whip by Kosugi and he kicks Mutoh in the stomach. Punches by Kosugi and he holds him for Hoshino, who hits a missile dropkick. Hashimoto comes in, Irish whip to Mutoh and this time he hits his heel kick for a two count. Belly to belly suplex by Hashimoto, cover, but it is broken up. Hashimoto takes Mutoh to the mat and applies a crab hold, but Mutoh makes it to the ropes. Kosugi is tagged in, Irish whip by Kosugi and he headbutts Mutoh in the midsection. Running slam by Kosugi, cover, but Mutoh gets a foot on the bottom rope.

Kosugi tags in Hoshino, double Irish whip to Mutoh and they hit a double back bodydrop. Kosugi and Hoshino hit elbows onto Mutoh, Irish whip by Hoshino and he delivers a dropkick. Hoshino throws Mutoh into the corner and he is worked over by kicks from Hashimoto. Backbreaker by Hashimoto, cover, but it gets a two count. Hashimoto goes for Mutoh's arm and then applies a headscissors. Mutoh gets out of the headscissors and tags in Kimura, Kimura takes Hashimoto down and applies an arm submission hold. Hashimoto slams Kimura to the mat and tags in Hoshino, Irish whip by Hoshino and he hits a jumping lariat for a two count. Knee by Hoshino but Kimura catches him with a backdrop suplex. Enzigieri by Kimura but Hoshino manages to tag in Hashimoto. Kimura tags in Yamada, and Yamada hits Hashimoto with a dropkick. Tombstone piledriver by Yamada to Hashimoto, he goes up to the top turnbuckle and delivers a diving headbutt. Cover, but it is broken up. Backbreaker by Yamada, Mutoh comes off the top turnbuckle with the moonsault but it gets a two count. Irish whip by Mutoh from the corner and he hits the Space Rolling Elbow. Vertical suplex by Mutoh, cover, but it is quickly broken up again. This gives Hashimoto time to tag in Kosugi, kicks by Kosugi in the corner and he gives Mutoh a headbutt. Scoop slam by Kosugi, Irish whip but Mutoh gets a sunset flip for a two count. Mutoh tags in Kimura, Irish whip by Kimura to Kosugi and he hits a dropkick. Vertical suplex by Kimura, cover, but it gets a two count. Double armed suplex by Kimura, cover, but again it is broken up by Hoshino. Kimura tags in Yamada, Irish whip by Yamada and he delivers a diving double chop. Military press slam by Yamada, he picks up Kosugi and drops him with a piledriver. Cover, but Kosugi chokes Yamada and makes the tag to Hoshino. Hoshino picks up Yamada and drops him with a vertical suplex, he picks him back up and hits a tombstone piledriver. Kosugi comes in the ring with a diving body press, cover, but it is broken up. Hashimoto comes in, back kick by Hashimoto to Yamada an he hits a backbreaker. Cover, but Yamada gets a shoulder up. Bridging Fallaway Slam by Hashimoto, but again Yamada kicks out. Punches by Yamada and he tags in Kimura. Uppercuts by Kimura to Hashimoto but Hashimoto gets away and tags in Hoshino. Hoshino rolls up Kimura but it gets a one count, back up Hoshino hits a jumping headbutt. Hoshino holds Kimura for Kosugi, but Kimura moves and Kosugi dropkicks Hoshino on accident. Kimura tags in Mutoh, kicks by Mutoh to Hoshino but Hoshino comes back with punches and tags in Hashimoto. Punches by Hashimoto as Mutoh has been busted open, scoop slam by Hashimoto but Mutoh hits a back kick and tags in Kimura. Kicks by Hashimoto to Kimura, Irish whip, and he delivers the heel kick. Kimura comes back with a backdrop suplex however, cover, but it gets a two count. A melee ensues with all six wrestlers, Kimura grabs Hashimoto, Irish whip, and he nails the Inazuma Leg Lariat. Cover, and he picks up the three count. Your winners: Keiji Mutoh, Keiichi Yamada, and Kengo Kimura

Match Thoughts: Very chaotic with very loose tag rules and a fair number of miscommunications, but still really fun to watch. I mean you get young Liger (Yamada), Mutoh, and Hashimoto all in the same match, so it was enjoyable for that factor is nothing else. If Chono had made it into the match it would have been perfect. The big moves were designed to mean nothing as there were tag outs so frequently, but that was a common issue with mid-card multi-man matches in New Japan. A little less structured then I'd prefer, but it was action packed and the crowd enjoyed it, and overall I thought it was a good match. Score: 6.5

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