The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta and NOSAWA vs. Apolo and Eddy Colon
on August 5th, 2007

Event: WWC TV Taping
Location: Moca, Puerto Rico
Announced Attendance: Unknown

Nosawa and Apolo start things off, and Apolo punches Nosawa in the face as he calls to the mat. Nosawa hits Apolo from behind, Irish whip, but Apolo ducks the lariat and punches Nosawa again. Nosawa goes for a punch but Apolo ducks and punches Nosawa again, sending Nosawa out of the ring. Nosawa returns after a moment, he flicks off Apolo and then tags in Muta. Muta sprays green mist into the air as he gets into the ring, and Apolo has tagged in Colon. Tie-up, side headlock by Colon but Muta takes Colon to the mat. Back up, kicks by Muta and he re-applies the side headlock. Shoulderblock by Muta, he goes off the ropes but Colon hits an armdrag. Eye rake by Muta and he chops Colon in the throat. Muta throws Colon out of the ring but Colon comes back with with a springboard crossbody for a two count. Muta rakes Colon in the eyes and tags in Nosawa. Kick to the head by Nosawa, cover, and it gets a two count. Nosawa picks up Colon and punches him, arm wringer by Nosawa and he applies a chinlock. Neck crank by Nosawa and he kicks Colon again. Colon comes back with chops and the two trade shots, but Muta grabs Colon from the apron and rakes Colon in the eyes. Cover by Nosawa but it gets a two count. Nosawa tags in Muta, snapmare, and Muta delivers the Flashing Elbow. Muta starts twisting on Colon's leg and makes the tag to Nosawa. Irish whip by Nosawa and he hits a flapjack. Cover, but Apolo breaks it up. Nosawa throws Colon out of the ring, where Muta is waiting. Muta throws Colon into the ring post while in the ring Apolo and Nosawa face off against each other. Nosawa comes out to help Muta beat up Colon, and Nosawa slides Colon into the ring. Irish whip by Nosawa in the ring but Colon kicks him back and delivers a dropkick. Kicks by Colon and he hits a legsweep. Backdrop suplex by Nosawa but Colon catches him with a lariat and both wrestlers are down. Nosawa grabs Colon but Colon makes the hot tag. Apolo drops both Muta and Nosawa, Irish whip to Nosawa and Apolo hits a spinning slam for a two count. Things start breaking down, as in the ring Nosawa kicks Colon. Apolo returns and hits Nosawa with a spear, cover, but Muta breaks it up. Dragon screw leg whip by Muta to Apolo. Muta goes to give Colon the green mist but he ducks and Nosawa is hit with it by accident. All four wrestlers exit the ring and start brawling, with the natives getting the better of it before the bell rings due to the referee's count. The match is ruled a Double Count-Out.

Match Thoughts: I am really only reviewing these for completist sake and I like to watch Muta wrestling outside of Japan. This was more of a unique spectacle then anything else, seeing Mutoh wrestling some new people like current WWE wrestler Primo Colon in this case. Nosawa played the role as secondary wrestler well versus the much bigger Apolo, and Colon was clearly the targeted one since he was the weak link. A fun little brawl but with no real ending and not much Muta it isn't something anyone needs to spend too much time tracking down unless they just want to see all of Muta's odd matches. Like me. Score: 5.0

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