The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta vs. Eddie Gilbert
"Anything Goes" Match on August 11th, 1989

Event: WCW Power Hour
Location: Unknown
Announced Attendance: Unknown

Before the match starts, in one of my favorite childhood memories, Muta sprays the green mist into the face of Missy Hyatt! There is probably a joke in there somewhere, but I will say that Missy took it like a champ. This enraged Gilbert, and he attacks Muta as the bell rings. Punches by Gilbert and he throws Muta over the top rope (remember, it is an "anything goes" match). Punches by Gilbert outside the ring and he sticks his head into the ring curtain. Gilbert goes after Hart, allowing Muta time to recover. Gilbert rams Muta's head into the ring post and gets a steel chair. Back in the ring, Gilbert hits Muta in the head with the steel chair. Gilbert then hits Muta in the ribs with it before tossing the chair out of the ring. Punches by Gilbert and he hits mounted punches in the corner. Gilbert rams Muta into the other turnbuckle and kicks him in the ribs. Side headlock by Gilbert, Muta Irish whips out of it and delivers a back kick. Gilbert falls out of the ring, and Hart throws Gilbert into the ring post. This brings out Tommy Rich, and he rolls Gilbert back into the ring. Muta un-wraps his wrist tape and chokes Gilbert with it. Gilbert struggles to his feet but Muta kicks him in the back. Muta chokes Gilbert with the wrist tape again, after a moment Gilbert gets back up and he manages to get out of it by running into the turnbuckle. Kick by Muta and he intentionally kicks him low. Muta grabs Gilbert by the legs while he is on the mat and delivers a leg drop to the groin. Irish whip by Muta, but Gilbert kicks Muta when he ducks his head down. Punches by Gilbert, Irish whip, and he hits a back bodydrop. Muta rolls out of the ring but gets back in as Gilbert follows him out, Gilbert gets on the apron, Hart tries to grab him but Rich scares him off and Gilbert chokes Muta in the ring. Hart gets in the ring, but Rich gets in as well and puts Hart in a sleeperhold. Muta gets loose, he throws Gilbert out of the ring and sprays red mist into the face of Tommy Rich. Gilbert gets on the top turnbuckle, hits a diving crossbody onto Hart, and the referee counts to three! Your winner: Eddie Gilbert

Post match: Muta sprays green mist into Gilbert's face, but leaves as a still blinded Tommy Rich rolls into the ring with a steel chair.

Match Thoughts: The natural thing to do would be point out how stupid it is that Hart got the pin counted against him when he wasn't in the match, but it is Power Hour and an "Anything Goes" match so I am willing to let it slide since the match in general was fun. Muta was in top form here, just misting everyone in sight. Considering I was five years old at the time and remember the awesomeness of Muta spraying Missy (which just didn't really happen as much back then as it did in the Attitude Era), it was a really memorable match. The middle got a little slow, which is harder to swallow in an eight minute match, but overall it was entertaining and even though Muta "lost" obviously he still came out looking very strong. Score: 7.5

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