The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta vs. Dick Murdoch
on July 23rd, 1989

Event: NWA/WCW Main Event
Location: Unknown
Attendance:  Unknown

Murdoch and Muta circle each other to start, and Murdoch avoids a Muta high kick. Takedown by Murdoch and he gets Muta's back, Muta struggles back to his feet and hiptosses out of Murdoch's grip. Muta applies an armbar, Murdoch reverses it but Muta applies a side headlock. Murdoch Irish whips out of the hold but Muta shoulderblocks him down. Muta goes off the ropes but Murdoch catches him with a slam followed by a dropkick. Muta rolls out of the ring to re-group but returns after a moment. They lock knuckles, arm wringer by Murdoch, Muta Irish whips out of it but Murdoch shoulderblocks him to the mat. Murdoch goes off the ropes but Muta catches him with a hiptoss. Jumping kick by Muta, and Murdoch falls out of the ring. Muta exits the ring as well and punches Murdoch out on the floor. Muta slides Murdoch back in before returning as well, elbow by Muta to the back of the head and he hits a scoop slam. Flashing Elbow by Muta and he applies a nerve hold under Murdoch's arm. The referee reminds Murdoch that he can not punch Muta with a closed fist as Muta continues the nerve hold, arm wringer by Muta, Irish whip to the corner but Murdoch kicks him as he charges in. Punch by Murdoch but Muta returns fire, Irish whip by Murdoch and he delivers a back elbow. Muta rolls out of the ring again to regain himself, but Murdoch grabs him as he gets on the apron and elbows him in the face. Murdoch goes for a vertical suplex, but Muta lands on his feet. Murdoch then grabs Gary Hart, and when he turns back around towards Muta he gets sprayed in the face by green mist! Cover by Muta and he picks up the three count. Your winner: Great Muta

Post match: Scott Steiner comes down and punches Gary Hart, but Muta grabs him from behind and digs into his eyes. Murdoch gets a chair and as he gets back into the ring, Hart and Muta bail. Murdoch goes to attack Steiner as he still can't see, but Steiner holds him down until he re-gains his senses.

Match Thoughts: I have no idea why Muta had to have singles matches with Dick Murdoch so often. I mean he has one singles match ever with Vader, but has (at least) three televised matches with Dick Murdoch in his career. Anyway, I don't think a whole lot of Murdoch in this stage of his career, he just wasn't a good match for Muta and comes across as someone that is only employed because he knows the right people (which was probably the case). He is probably also the only wrestler in WCW to get pinned after only getting misted in the face, but he did sell it well both during and post-match so I give him credit for that. It wasn't a bad match, they just didn't mesh together very well and the "no punching" part with the referee was really bizarre and out of place. Score: 5.5

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