The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta vs. Scott Hall
on July 15th, 1989

Event: NWA World Championship Wrestling
Location: Atlanta, GA
Announced Attendance: Unknown

Great Muta goes for a high kick to start the match but Hall steps out of the way. Waistlock by Great Muta, reversed by Hall and Hall applies a wristlock. Great Muta hiptosses out of it but Hall keeps a hold of the arm. Great Muta finally shakes Hall off, tie-up, full nelson by Great Muta but Hall reverses it into his own full nelson. Wristlock by Great Muta but Hall flips Great Muta to the mat. Hall applies an armbar, Great Muta pushes Hall into the corner and hits a mule kick on the way out. Punches by Great Muta, snapmare, and Great Muta snaps back Hall's leg. He snaps back on Hall's leg again but Hall kicks Great Muta out of the ring. Great Muta returns after a moment , kick to the stomach by Great Muta, snapmare, and he applies a reverse chinlock. Irish whip by Great Muta, and Hall hits a crossbody. Great Muta regains the advantage with a back kick, Irish whip by Great Muta to the corner but Hall reverses it and hits a hiptoss. Dropkicks by Hall, and he clotheslines Great Muta out of the ring. Hall grabs Great Muta as he gets on the apron, but Great Muta sprays red mist into Hall's face. Great Muta then chokes Hall with his wrist tape while the referee is distracted. The referee turns around as Hall muscles out of it, thrust to the throat by Great Muta and he picks up the three count. Your winner: Great Muta

Match Thoughts: I don't want to blame Scott Hall for this match being kinda sloppy.... but I have reviewed over twenty Great Muta matches from WCW in 1989 and this is the only one that wasn't crisp so you can draw your own conclusions. I loved the ending though, even if it had a little more Stupid Referee Syndrome then I would normally like. But the rest just seemed really stiff and uncoordinated, and Hall had been wrestling long enough at this point that a three minute match shouldn't have been overly difficult for him. A little disappointing to see their first singles match against each other. Score: 4.5

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