The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta vs. The Italian Stallion
on July 1st, 1989

Event: NWA World Championship Wrestling
Location: Atlanta, GA
Attendance: Unknown

They circle each other to start, waistlock by Stallion and he gets Muta to the mat. Muta returns to his feet and gets Stallion backed into the corner. Mule Kick by Muta and he takes Stallion to the mat but Stallion quickly gets to his feet. Waistlock by Stallion, Muta applies a full nelson and he gets a headscissors applied. Wristlock by Stallion, side headlock and they struggle for control. Muta wins the battle and applies an armbar, but Stallion returns to his feet and pushes Muta into the corner. Side headlock by Stallion, Muta Irish whips out of it but Stallion shoulderblocks him down. Stallion goes off the ropes but Muta uses his momentum to throw Stallion out of the ring. Stallion returns to the ring but Muta throws him out again and this time goes out after him. Muta throws Stallion into the guard rail before sliding him back into the ring. Springboard chop to the head by Muta, snapmare, and Muta nails the Flash Elbow. Leg drop by Muta and he punches Stallion in the face. Stallion gets back up, snapmare by Muta and he applies a cross kneelock into a single leg crab hold. Muta reverts it into a modified STF, but Stallion makes it to the ropes. Irish whip by Muta but Stallion catches him with a release German suplex. Stallion punches Muta in the corner, Irish whip, and Stallion delivers a lariat. Vertical suplex attempt by Stallion but Muta lands on his feet and he applies the Muta Lock. Stallion can't make it to the ropes and is forced to submit! Your winner: Great Muta

Match Thoughts: Greatest mask ever. By this point Muta was no longer in "squash" mode as he was having more back and forth matches, but I loved him winning the match with the Muta Lock. A great move, and one that he rarely uses to finish the match. A more mat-based match and the crowd got into Stallion's comeback with the release German suplex. A fun Saturday Night match, it wouldn't have worked on a PPV or anything but continued Muta's dominance of everyone in WCW. Score: 5.5

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