The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Keiji Mutoh and Masahiro Chono vs. Masa Saito and Shinya Hashimoto
on June 26th, 1990

Event: New Japan Pro Wrestling TV Taping
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance:  Unknown

Mutoh and Hashimoto start things off. Tie-up, side headlock by Hashimoto, Mutoh Irish whips out of it but Hashimoto knocks him to the mat. Mutoh gets back up, tie-up, waistlock by Mutoh but Hashimoto hits a judo throw. Wristlock by Hashimoto but Mutoh flips out of it and yanks back on Hashimoto's leg. Mutoh tags in Chono, Chono and Hashimoto circle each other, Chono pushes Hashimoto back into the corner and he tags in Saito. Saito chops Chono and the two trade blows, kicks by Chono and he applies a side headlock, but Saito gets out of it with a backdrop suplex. Chono rolls out of the ring to re-group, but returns after a moment and tags in Mutoh. Mutoh and Saito tie-up, waistlock by Mutoh and he goes for Saito's arm, but Saito manages to tag in Hashimoto. Hashimoto hits a pair of elbow drops to Mutoh, Irish whip by Hashimoto and he knees Mutoh in the gut. Vertical suplex by Hashimoto, cover, but it gets two. Snapmare by Hashimoto and he applies a reverse chinlock. Irish whip by Hashimoto but Mutoh rolls under the kick attempt and hits a dropkick. Another dropkick by Mutoh and he tags in Chono. Double Irish whip to Hashimoto and they hit a double elbow. Chono kicks Hashimoto in the face, he picks him up, Irish whip, but Hashimoto kicks Chono in the chest. Chono catches the second kick however, he tags in Mutoh who comes off the top turnbuckle with an elbow drop to Hashimoto's leg. Mutoh slaps on the figure four to Hashimoto and tags in Chono, who then applies the figure four as well. Mutoh then goes up to the top turnbuckle and comes down onto Hashimoto with a knee drop. Mutoh applies a cross kneelock before tagging in Chono. Chono twists on Hashimoto' leg some more before applying a leg submission hold. Chono is distracted by Saito which gives Hashimoto time to regain himself, Chono and Hashimoto tie-up but Saito charges the ring and punches Chono to the mat. Chono goes after Saito, and as they trade punches Mutoh comes in the ring but Hashimoto shoos him away to let the two battle it out. Saito gets the better of it but finally Saito clams down and Chono backs away. Hashimoto tags in Saito, Saito and Chono circle each other, Saito applies a side headlock and rakes his face across the top rope. Saito picks up Chono and he does it again. Saito throws Chono out of the ring, Hashimoto goes out as well and kicks Chono in the chest before throwing him into the guard rail.

Hashimoto slides Chono back in, Saito grabs him and applies a crab hold. Saito tags in Hashimoto, and they both slam Chono's knees into the mat. Crab hold by Hashimoto but after a moment he releases the hold and hits a backdrop suplex. Cover, but it gets a two count. Hashimoto tags in Saito and kicks Chono in the ribs. Another kick by Saito and he stomps Chono in the head. Saito picks up Chono and delivers a series of headbutts. Saito goes off the ropes and he levels Chono with a lariat. Cover, but it gets a two count. Punches by Saito, Irish whip, but Chono ducks the lariat and hits a forearm smash. Chono makes the tag to Mutoh, who comes in the ring with a diving crossbody for a two count. Irish whip by Mutoh to the corner and he nails the Space Rolling Elbow followed by the Flashing Elbow. Dropkick by Mutoh and he punches Saito in the chest. Chops by Mutoh and finally Saito falls to the mat. Cover, but it only gets two. Mutoh goes off the ropes and hits a jumping forearm strike, he goes off the ropes again but Hashimoto separates the ropes, sending Mutoh crashing to the floor. Hashimoto picks him up and drops him with a DDT on the floor. Chono slides Mutoh back into the ring, Saito picks up Mutoh and hits a vertical suplex. Cover by Saito but Chono breaks it up. Saito tags in Hashimoto, and Hashimoto kicks Mutoh in the chest. Another kick by Hashimoto, he picks up Mutoh and delivers the jumping DDT. Cover, but it gets a two count when Chono breaks it up. Hashimoto goes off the ropes and levels Mutoh with a heel kick. Cover, but again Chono breaks it up. Hashimoto tags in Saito, and Saito hits Mutoh with a lariat. Cover, but Chono breaks it up again. Saito picks up Mutoh and hits a backdrop suplex, cover, but once again Chono breaks it up. Hashimoto comes in to club Chono, he charges him but Chono back bodydrops Hashimoto over the top rope. Saito puts Mutoh in the sleeper, but while in the hold Mutoh barely manages to tag in Chono. Chono goes up to the top turnbuckle, Mutoh signals for him to go over his shoulder and he does, jumping off the top rope with a sunset flip on Saito for the three count! Your winners: Keiji Mutoh and Masahiro Chono

Match Thoughts: I loved the segment in the middle with Saito and Chono. Hashimoto and Mutoh just kinda watched, remember that while Hashimoto/Mutoh/Chono all have a competitive streak, they don't hate each other. Saito is a different story, he is more of an angry guy but Hashimoto didn't help but rather just let Saito and Chono vent out their frustrations. Saito and Hashimoto were definitely the "power" of these two teams, and Mutoh/Chono looked done for until they out-smarted the veteran wrestler. Overall I thought the match was really fun as the action kept up and it was logical from start to finish. Score: 7.5

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