The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta vs. Ray Lloyd
on June 10th, 1989

Event: NWA World Championship Wrestling
Location: Atlanta, GA
Announced Attendance: Unknown

Lloyd attacks Muta in the back to start the match, Irish whip by Lloyd and he hits a clothesline. Another clotheslines by Lloyd but when he goes for another one Muta catches him with a back kick. Side headlock takedown by Muta, Lloyd Irish whips out of it but Muta hits a shoulderblock. Hiptoss by Muta and he hits a dropkick. Lloyd falls out of the ring, Muta goes up to the top turnbuckle as Lloyd rolls back in and Muta hits a diving chop. Elbow drop by Muta, he picks up Lloyd, Irish whip to the corner and Muta hits the Space Rolling Elbow. Jumping back kick by Muta and he hits a German suplex hold for a three count cover. Your winner: Great Muta

Match Thoughts: Hey look, it is baby Glacier! A pretty lackluster match, but it was highlighted in the pre-match when Muta spit the green mist and then the red mist back to back without putting in a new capsole (or whatever it is he puts in his mouth). I have never seen him do that before and it was visually impressive. But the match didn't have much going for it as it wasn't as entertaining as his earlier squash matches and he won by one of his more basic finishing moves at the time. Score: 4.0

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