The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta vs. Ricky Santana
on May 28th, 1989

Event: WCW Main Event
Location: Atlanta, GA
Attendance: Unknown

JIP, with Muta hitting the backflip kick out of the corner. Side headlock takedown by Muta, Santana Irish whips out of it but Muta shoulderblocks him down. Armdrag by Santana and he keeps a hold of the arm of Muta, wristlock by Santana but Muta gets out of it and yanks back on his leg. Snapmare by Muta and he applies a reverse chinlock. Eye rake by Muta, he gets Santana in the corner and rakes his eyes again. Muta chokes Santana over the top rope but Santana comes back with punches. High kick by Muta and he applies a nerve hold to Santana's shoulder, Irish whip from the corner but Santana avoids the Space Rolling Elbow. Kick to the stomach by Santana, Irish whip, and he hits a back bodydrop. Santana throws Muta into the corner and connects with a series of mounted punches. Irish whip by Santana, but Muta avoids his charge. German suplex hold by Muta and he picks up the three count. Your winner: Great Muta

Match Thoughts: I think we missed a fair bit of the match because Muta's face paint was already peeling, or he wrestled another match at the taping and didn't re-apply the paint. Anyway, nothing shown was offensive, and again I liked Muta winning the match with a different move instead of always relying on the moonsault for less important matches. And it was a very nice German suplex, which was a move you also didn't see a whole lot in American wrestling back in 1989. Score: N/A

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