The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta vs. Ranger Ross
on May 13th, 1989

Event: NWA World Championship Wrestling
Location: Atlanta, GA
Attendance: Unknown

Muta poises and spits the mist to start the match, then charges Ross and hits him in the back. Muta picks up Ross and throws him out of the ring, with Muta quickly following after him. Muta throws Ross into the ring post before sliding him back in. Punch by Muta in the ring, Irish whip, Ross avoids Muta and he hits a crossbody. Dropkick by Ross and Muta rolls out of the ring to re-group. Muta gets back into the ring, tie-up, waistlock by Muta, reversed by Ross but Muta applies a hammerlock. Muta gets out of it with a Stone Cold Stunner, wristlock by Muta and he hits a monkey flip. Stomp by Muta, snapmare, and he hit the Flash Elbow. Muta applies the neck nerve hold, Irish whip to the corner but he missed the Space Rolling Elbow. Punches by Ross in the corner, Irish whip, and Ross delivers a back elbow. Ross picks up Muta but Muta floors him with a spinning back kick. Muta goes for a punch but Ross ducks and Muta flies out of the ring. Muta returns after a moment, Irish whip by Ross but Muta hits a back kick before spraying red mist into the air. Moonsault by Muta, and he gets the three count. Your winner: Great Muta

Match Thoughts: Love the red and green face paint, in WCW during his first run his face was painted something different every week before he settled into the usual red in later 1989 and after he returned to New Japan in 1990. Nice Stunner by Muta. By this point any attempt to make Muta a heel wasn't working (Sting would help that situation when they started feuding in the summer), as the crowd was pretty behind his big moves. Muta was just too fresh and different to hate, which I can attest to as I was only 5 years old then and I remember watching Muta and rooting for him. Course watching these all in a row they kinda get repetitive, but watching the crowd slowly get more and more into him is fun. Plus Ross was a bit rough in this match, a few timing issues that didn't help the flow of the match. Score: 5.0

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