The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta vs. Steven Casey
on April 2nd, 1989

Event: WCW Clash of the Champions VI: Ragin' Cajun
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Announced Attendance: 5,300 

Muta sprays mist into the air to start the match, Casey charges too fast so he gets the mist as well. Punches by Muta and he throws Casey into the turnbuckle. Irish whip by Muta and he nails the Space Rolling Elbow. Snapmare by Muta, and he applies a reverse chinlock, Irish whip by Casey but Muta shoulderblocks him down. Armdrag by Casey and he applies an arm submission hold. Muta gets back to his feet and gets Casey into the corner, connecting with a mule kick as he backs off. Muta throws Casey out of the ring, he goes up to the top turnbuckle as Hart throws Casey back into the ring. Missile dropkick by Muta and he thrusts Casey in the throat. Rake of the eyes by Muta and he chops Casey in the throat. Wristlock by Muta but Casey reverses it into an arm wringer. Elbows by Casey to the arm but Muta trips him up and snaps Casey's leg back. Leg submission by Muta and he applies a neck nerve hold. Back kick by Muta and he re-applies the never hold, this time to the shoulder. Casey struggles to his feet, punches to the stomach by Casey and he goes off the ropes, catching Muta with a lariat. Casey picks up Muta, Irish whip, and he delivers a back elbow. Cover, but it gets a one count. Dropkick by Casey into the corner and he hits a hiptoss. Muta avoids the next dropkick however and he chops Casey in the throat. Spinning reverse kick by Muta as Casey falls out of the ring, and Muta goes out after him with a pescado. Muta throws Casey into the guard rail and hits the Space Rolling Elbow outside the ring. Muta slides Casey back into the ring, rib breaker, he goes up to the top turnbuckle and nails the moonsault. Your winner: Great Muta

Match Thoughts: This was Great Muta's first "real" match, meaning one that lasted more then five minutes and wasn't a squash. The nerve hold is arguably my least favorite submission hold regardless who is doing it, but at least it was only for a minute or so until they went into the home stretch. Loved the Space Rolling Elbow against the guard rail, don't see that too often, and this is the earliest match I have reviewed thus far that Muta gave the mist to someone which is always entertaining. The commentators did a great job putting over Muta as "the man" and overall it was fun although far from perfect. Score: 5.5

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