The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Mota vs. Richard Sartain
on April 1st, 1989

Event: NWA WCW World Wide Wrestling
Location: Unknown
Attendance:  Unknown

Kick by Mota to start the match, Irish whip, and he hits the Space Rolling Elbow. Mota bites Sartain in the head until the referee gets him to stop, and Mota chops Sartain in the throat. Chop by Mota and he kicks Sartain in the side of the head. Mota chokes Sartain using the top rope and throws Sartain out of the ring. Mota goes out after him, he picks up Sartain and rams him into the ring post. Mota slides Sartain back into the ring, he goes up on the top turnbuckle and comes down with a chop. Scoop slam by Mota and he hits the Flashing Elbow. Mota applies a neck nerve hold and then moves to the arm. Mota hits Sartain in the back of the head and pushes down Sartain's head with his boot. Snapmare by Mota and he applies an abdominal claw. Rib breaker by Mota, he nails the moonsault and picks up the three count! Your winner: Great Mota

Match Thoughts: Did you know that Muta has been doing martial arts since he was six years old? This match was a bit longer than other Muta squash matches but Sartain was still pretty damn ineffective. I still think the abdominal claw is a pretty lame move for a Japanese martial arts machine, even if they did try to put it over on commentary. Beyond that Mota continued to look good and impress both the commentators and the crowd with his moves and quickness. Score: 5.0

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