The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Mota vs. Dewayne Bruce
on March 26th, 1989

Event: WCW Pro
Location: Unknown
Attendance:  Unknown

Mota goes for a spinning kick to start the match but Bruce avoids it by backing into the corner. Kick to the gut by Mota, Irish whip, and he hits the Space Rolling Elbow. Snapmare by Mota and he delivers the Flashing Elbow. Chop to the back of the head by Mota and he applies a nerve hold first to the neck and then to the ribs. Mota rakes Bruce in the face with his boot and hits a vertical suplex. Chop to the back of the head by Mota and he hits a headbutt. Bruce fights back but he is caught with a back kick. Mota re-applies the claw to the ribs, he lets Bruce up and hits the rib breaker. Moonsault by Mota, cover, and he picks up the three count. Your winner: The Great Mota

Match Thoughts: Proof of the power of Muta - in five seconds the crowd went from chanting "USA!" to cheering loudly after Muta hit the moonsault. He was just too awesome at the time to not like. Anyway, I am not a big fan of the rib claw hold so I am glad that he eliminated that from his moveset. Maybe someone in the back told him that it looked funny. So that being half the match didn't do it any favors, but I did enjoy the crowd flipping on the poor jobber after Muta did his thing. Score: 4.0

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