The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta and Nosawa vs. Necro Butcher and Mad Man Pondo
on March 14th, 2007

Event: Juggalo Championship Wrestling "East Side Wars"
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Attendance: Unknown 

Necro Butcher and Pondo attack Nosawa and Muta to start the match, and Pondo kicks Muta out of the ring. In the ring, Necro Butcher kicks Nosawa in the corner, double Irish whip and Nosawa is floored with a double clothesline. Pondo rakes Nosawa in the eyes, double Irish whip from the corner, but Nosawa fights back and punches down both his opponents. Nosawa picks up Necro Butcher, punches by Nosawa, Irish whip by Necro Butcher but Nosawa shoulderblocks him down. Kick to the back of the head by Nosawa and Necro Butcher tags in Pondo. Nosawa tags in Muta, Muta and Pondo circle each other, tie-up, and Muta kicks Pondo in the cut. Chop by Muta, he picks up Pondo, snapmare, and Muta hits the flash elbow. Muta starts working over Pondo's leg and applies a modified STF. Muta then applies a crossface but Pondo gets a foot on the bottom rope. Kick to the stomach by Muta and he tags in Nosawa. Nosawa kicks Pondo, Nosawa goes off the ropes but Necro Butcher knees him from the apron. Pondo tags in Necro Butcher, and Necro Butcher kicks Nosawa in the head. A second kick by Necro Butcher and he applies a reverse chinlock to Nosawa. Necro Butcher picks up Nosawa and chops him in the corner. Necro Butcher tags in Pondo, Pondo gets a chair and hits Nosawa in the face with it. Pondo picks up Nosawa and rakes his face across the top rope. Pondo tags in Necro Butcher, and Necro Butcher kicks Nosawa in the ribs. Scoop slam by Necro Butcher, cover, but it picks up a two count. Necro Butcher tags in Pondo, and Pondo rakes Nosawa in the eyes. Muta comes in the ring with a chair and sits down in the corner for a closer look before leaving again. Pondo picks up Nosawa and throws him out of the ring. Necro Butcher works over Nosawa at ringside, while Muta gets in the ring to try to get to Pondo. Nosawa rolls back in the ring, Pondo punches him down into a chair, he goes up top and hits a crossbody. Cover by Pondo, but Nosawa kicks out at two. Pondo tags in Necro Butcher, Necro Butcher tries to suplex Nosawa onto the chair but Nosawa reverses it, sending Necro Butcher into the chair instead. Nosawa tries to tag Muta, but Pondo comes in the ring and hits a side Russian leg sweep. Necro Butcher gets up, he puts the chair behind Nosawa and slams him to the mat. Cover by Necro Butcher but it gets a two count. Necro Butcher puts the chair on top of Nosawa, goes up to the top turnbuckle but Nosawa is up and he throws the chair at Necro Butcher. Nosawa joins Necro Butcher on the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex. Nosawa finally makes the tag to Muta, Pondo comes in the ring but Muta dropkicks him in the knee and hits a dragon screw leg whip. Figure Four by Muta but Necro Butcher rakes him in the eyes. Pondo applies a chinlock to Muta, meanwhile up on the ramp Nosawa picks up Necro Butcher and throws him off the stage through a table. Nosawa runs back to the ring to dropkick Pondo, Irish whip by Nosawa to Pondo, reversed, but Nosawa dropkicks Pondo in the knee, but Pondo blocks the Shining Wizard. Irish whip by Pondo and he hits Nosawa with the stop sign. Muta comes in the ring, Pondo tries to hit him with the stop sign but Muta rolls under it and sprays mist into Pondo's face! Shining Wizard by Muta, cover, and he picks up the three count! Your winners: Great Muta and Nosawa

Match Thoughts: Muta didn't do a whole hell of a lot and obviously this was more built as a "special attraction" match and to further Nosawa's storyline in JCW. In terms of the match as a whole, it wasn't unwatchable but Pondo/Necro Butcher really aren't much of traditional wrestlers so there was a bit of a clash but Nosawa played along without any big issues. Course I wish that Muta had done more, but that was just the nature of the match, he did his thing at the end but generally just watched. Definitely nothing to go out of your way to see if just want to see Muta. Score: 4.0

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