The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta, Dragon Master, and Buzz Sawyer and vs. Ric Flair and Ole & Arn Anderson
on February 6th, 1990

Event: WCW Clash of the Champions X: Texas Shootout
Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Announced Attendance: 3,000

This match is in a steel cage.  Muta is cheered loudly, showing just how much the crowd now hates The Horseman (or love Muta).  Arn and Sawyer begin the match.  Chops by Sawyer against the ropes.  Sawyer charges, but he goes head first into the steel when Arn moves.  Kick to the face by Sawyer and he tosses Arn to the ground.  Sawyer charges Arn, but again Arn moves and Sawyer goes into the steel.  Arn whams Sawyer into the steel cage again, and a third time.  Flair is tagged in and chops away on Sawyer.  Sawyer fights back however, but Flair gets the better of it.  Dragon Master is tagged in, but Flair chops on him too.  Irish whip, and Flair hits the elbow.  Ole is tagged in, Dragon Master gets an eye rake, and he starts punching away on Ole.  Ole tags Arn back in, and Dragon Master tags in Muta.  Tie-up, Irish whip, and Muta hits the Space Rolling Elbow.  Muta goes for a submission, but it is broken up as Sting is seen coming to ringside.  He tries climbing the cage but is pulled back by Pillman and company as Flair yells at him from inside the cage.  Inside the ring Sawyer is working over Ole.  Ole regains the advantage long enough to tag in Arn, Arn punches Sawyer, and then tags back in Ole.  Ole back bodydrops Sawyer against the ropes and hits an elbow.  Sawyer is unphased however (side note:  why is Muta standing on the top turnbuckle throughout all of this?  He want a better view of the action?), and Ole backs off.  The two trade punches as we see Sting charging once again.  In the ring again, suplex by Sawyer, as he goes to the top of the cage.  He misses the splash however, as the camera outside sees Sting being pushed away from ringside.  Back in the ring, Dragon Master and Arn are going at it, as Arn delivers a spinebuster.  Arn throws Dragon Master into the cage, DDT, and gets the cover for a three count.  Your winners:  The Four Horsemen

Post match:  Flair gets outside the ring and goes after Sting.  They are pulled apart as the telecast goes off the air.

Match Thoughts:  I am willing to bet this was the only time during his stint in WCW that Muta was cheered so loudly.  Anyway, the real story of this match was that Sting was injured while climbing around the cage and would miss the match that they were spending so much time advertising.  He would be out for several months and the money match with Flair would have to wait until that summer.  As to the match itself, it was really more about Sting then it was about the match.  I think that these six could have had a good match, but with only six minutes and the camera being on Sting for two of those minutes the good match wasn't going to happen tonight.  Too bad for WCW they spent the entire night hyping Sting/Flair at WrestleWar, when Sting would get injured and miss the event.  But at least the Sting situation was interesting, so it wasn't a pointless distraction from the match. Score: 5.0 

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