The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Kenta Kobashi and Keiji Mutoh vs. Jun Akiyama and Takao Omori
on February 19th, 2012

Event: New Japan, NOAH, and All Japan "ALL TOGETHER"
Location: Sendai Sun Plaza Hall, Japan
Announced Attendance: 3,500

Akiyama and Mutoh start things off. They circle each other to start, Mutoh gets Akiyama to the mat but Akiyama reverses things as they jockey for position. Neither wrestler can get control and they return to their feet. Tie-up, Akiyama gets Mutoh's back and applies a front facelock, but Mutoh reverses it with a hammerlock. Akiyama reverses it back and goes for a cross armbreaker, but Mutoh blocks it and gets to the ropes to get a break. Back up, Mutoh tags in Kobashi while Akiyama tags in Omori. Tie-up, Kobashi pushes Omori into the ropes and he gives a clean break. Tie-up, , Kobashi pushes Omori into the ropes and he chops Kobashi before backing off. Kobashi chops him back and the two trade chops, uppercut by Omori, Irish whip by Kobashi but they collide with neither man going down. Omori goes off the ropes and he delivers a dropkick. Kobashi falls out of the ring, and Akiyama throws Kobashi into the guard rail at ringside. He then rolls Kobashi back into the ring, and Omori punches Kobashi. Omori tags in Akiyama, and Akiyama kicks Kobashi down in the corner. Running knee by Akiyama into the corner followed by another one, cover, but it gets a two count. Stretch hold by Akiyama but Kobashi muscles out of it. Akiyama tags in Omori, uppercut by Omori but Kobashi chops him in the neck. They trade chops and uppercuts, Omori pushes Kobashi into the ropes but Kobashi chops him in the back and tags in Mutoh. Mutoh kicks Omori in the ribs while Kobashi keeps chopping him from the apron, Mutoh picks up Omori, snapmare, and he hits the Flashing Elbow.

Kicks by Mutoh, he goes off the ropes but Akiyama knees him from the apron. DDT by Omori, he picks up Mutoh and rolls him out of the ring. Akiyama then knees Mutoh in the back of the head while it is hanging off the apron, he picks up Mutoh and gives him a DDT on the floor. Meanwhile, Omori is manhandling Kobashi on the other side of the floor. Akiyama tosses Mutoh back in the ring as Omori returns as well, Omori picks up Mutoh and drops him with a piledriver. Headscissors by Omori but Kobashi breaks it up with chops. Omori is up first, he picks up Mutoh and throws him in the corner before tagging in Akiyama. Elbows by Akiyama to the back of the head followed by a pair of knees to the back of the head. Cover, but Mutoh kicks out at two. Reverse chinlock by Akiyama into a crossface while Omori stands guard, cover by Akiyama but it gets a two count. Stomp by Akiyama and he makes the tag to Omori. Elbow to the back of the head by Omori, Irish whip to the corner and he hits an elbow. Snapmare by Omori, and Akiyama hits a running knee. Cover by Omori, but Mutoh barely gets a shoulder up. Omori picks up Mutoh and nails the Guillotine Axe Driver, cover, but Kobashi breaks it up. Uppercuts by Omori to Kobashi but Kobashi catches him with a chop. Mutoh crawls to Kobashi but Akiyama is tagged in before he can make the tag. Irish whip by Akiyama to Mutoh but Mutoh dropkicks him and tags in Kobashi. Rapid chops by Kobashi in the corner to Akiyama, Omori comes in to break it up but he gets chopped down as well. Kobashi picks up Akiyama and goes for the half nelson suplex, Akiyama elbows out of it, he goes off the ropes and Akiyama hits a backdrop suplex. Akiyama tags in Omori, uppercuts by Omori and he delivers a swinging neckbreaker. Cover, but it gets a two count. Omori waits for Kobashi to get up and boots him in the face three times but Kobashi doesn't go down. Chop by Kobashi and they trade blows, with an uppercut by Omori knocking Kobashi down. Omori goes up to the top turnbuckle but Kobashi recovers and joins him up top. Superplex by Kobashi and he tags in Mutoh.

Mutoh dropkicks Omori in the knee and hits a dragon screw leg whip first to Omori, then to Akiyama, and back to Omori. Mutoh applies the figure four to Omori while Kobashi keeps Akiyama busy outside the ring, but Omori manages to get to the ropes. Dropkick to the knee by Mutoh and he goes for a dragon screw, but Omori gets out of it. Spinning heel kick by Omori and he tags in Akiyama. Akiyama hits a jumping knee in the corner followed by an exploder, cover, but it gets two as Kobashi breaks it up. Omori comes in to toss Kobashi out of the ring, and in the ring Mutoh hits a dragon screw onto Akiyama. A second one by Mutoh and he goes for the figure four, but Akiyama rolls him up and slaps on the grounded front facelock. Kobashi finally breaks it up, leading to Kobashi and Akiyama trading chops and elbows. Exploder by Akiyama to Kobashi, while Omori goes on the top turnbuckle and hits a diving knee onto Mutoh. Cover by Akiyama but it only gets a two count. Mutoh's nose is bleeding as Akiyama picks him up and Omori boots him in the face. Omori goes for a lariat but Mutoh ducks and he accidentally hits Akiyama. Kobashi is back and he drops Omori with a half nelson suplex. Mutoh waits for Omori to get to one knee and hits a Shining Wizard, before hitting one in the corner onto Akiyama. Lariat by Kobashi onto Akiyama, Mutoh follows with a Shining Wizard, cover but it only gets two. Scoop slam by Kobashi onto Omori, he goes up to the top turnbuckle and crushes Omori with a moonsault. Rib breaker by Mutoh onto Akiyama, he goes up top and hits a moonsault of his own. Cover, and he picks up the three count! Your winners: Kenta Kobashi and Keiji Mutoh

Match Thoughts: A little slow, as you'd expect, but still entertaining. Omori was the worker in the match but he looked good, and all four hit their main moves very well (except for Kobashi's moonsault, which Omori was probably still feeling days later). I give them credit for doing more than just doing a crowd-pleasing signature movefest and going home, the match had a smart layout to it and they kept it interesting. There was some pointless mat work which was only more dull as they were half speed, but once they got to the beat-down segments it stayed engaging until the ending. A fun match for a fan of any of these wrestlers and a good "special attraction" match. Score: 6.5

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