The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Super Black Ninja and Kendo Nagasaki vs. Jimmy Jack Funk and Corporal Braddock
On February 10, 1989

Event: WCCW TV Taping
Location: Dallas, TX
Attendance:  Unknown

This is a Texas Tornado Match. Ninja attacks Funk to start the match as Nagasaki punches Braddock. Funk picks up Ninja and hits an atomic drop, but Nagasaki attacks him in the corner. Nagasaki throws Braddock out of the rng and goes out after him. In the ring, Ninja punches Braddock but Braddock fights back with a punch to the head. Eye rake by Ninja but Braddock rams him into the turnbuckle. Nagasaki slides Funk back in the ring and kicks him in the corner. Nagasaki and Ninja hold the advantage over their opponents as Ninja chokes Braddock against the ropes. Nagasaki chops Funk in the throat but Funk hits him low. Funk kicks Nagasaki into the corner and chokes him while Braddock punches Ninja. Funk stomps Nagasaki in the face but Nagasaki fights back and goes for a piledriver, but Funk reverses it with a back bodydrop. Ninja punches Funk and rams his head into the turnbuckle. Kick to the stomach by Ninja while Nagasaki goes outside the ring with Braddock, beating him with a kendo stick. Funk gets the better of Ninja in the ring, but he gets distracted by Akbar. Nagasaki hits Funk with the kendo stick and then chokes him with it. Ninja and Braddock already are back in the ring, as Ninja punches Braddock. Funk and Nagasaki return to the ring as Nagasaki chokes Funk in the corner. Ninja elbows Braddock in the other corner, they Irish whip their opponents towards each other but they do a leapfrog to avoid each other. Lariat by Funk to Ninja and he throws him out of the ring. Braddock attacks Nagasaki in the corner but Nagasaki hits him back. Ninja knocks down Funk and returns to the ring, and Ninja punches Braddock from behind. Snapmare by Nagasaki and he holds Braddock for Ninja, Ninja goes up to the top turnbuckle but Funk comes in with a steel chair. Ninja bails from the top turnbuckle to the floor when he sees Funk, and Nagasaki runs out of the ring as well. Nagasaki and Ninja won't return to the ring, and the referee declares Braddock and Funk the winners.

Match Thoughts: Too chaotic to be good, as it was mostly just punching and kicking. The attacks outside the ring were the only memorable parts, as Nagasaki choked Funk with a cord and of course the kendo stick attacks. But those attacks were never sold for very long and soon they were back to punching and kicking. The ending also was pretty lame - who ends a match because one team just doesn't feel like getting back in the ring? It made the heels come across as pussies, but in his run in WCCW that hadn't really been Ninja's style. Overall not a great brawl. Score: 4.5

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