The Many
Faces of Mutoh
The Ninja vs. Prince Iaukea
Exact date unknown, 1986

Event: CWF
Location: Unknown

Iaukea pushes Ninja into the ropes to start the match but he gives a clean break. Leg trip by Ninja, he goes for a kick, Iaukea catches his foot but he delivers a flip kick to get out of it. Tie-up, side headlock by Ninja, Iaukea Irish whips out of it and Ninja hits a shoulderblock. Knee to the stomach by Iaukea and he hits a suplex before applying a reverse chinlock, but Ninja reverses it with a hammerlock. Ninja picks up Iaukea, snapmare, and he elbows Iaukea in the head. Elbow drop by Ninja, but Iaukea applies a wristlock. Ninja flips out of it and dropkicks Iaukea, and Iaukea rolls out of the ring. Iaukea returns after a moment and they circle each other, tie-up, side headlock by Iaukea and he applies a hammerlock. Ninja reverses it but Iaukea trips Iaukea to the mat. Tie-up, clubs to the back by Iaukea and he throws Ninja into the corner. Scoop slam by Iaukea and he delivers a leg drop. Cover, but it gets a two count. Seated armbar by Iaukea, Ninja struggles to his feet and applies a wristlock. Iaukea picks up Ninja, vertical suplex by Iaukea but he misses the headbutt. Ninja throws Iaukea into the corner, Irish whip and he hits a Space Rolling Elbow. Iaukea rolls out of the ring but Ninja sails out onto him with a pescado. Ninja brings Iaukea back into the ring, rib breaker by Ninja and he nails a moonsault. Cover, and he picks up a three count. Your winner: The Ninja

Match Thoughts: I am just guessing even on the year but I don't think he wrestled in the CWF after 1986, so that is what we are going with. Course this is not the same Prince Iaukea as was in WCW in the 90s, but he did wrestle in WAR as Abbuda Dein. He also happens to be horrible, even hitting bodyslams awkwardly. So the match wasn't very good, it was about four minutes of me hoping Iaukea wouldn't accidentally hurt Mutoh. Crowd seemed to enjoy the ending though, so that is something anyway. Score: 4.0

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