The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta and Buzz Sawyer vs. Mike Hart and Rick Fargo
on December 9th, 1989

Event: NWA World Championship Wrestling
Location: Atlanta, GA
Announced Attendance: Unknown

Sawyer and Fargo start things off. Clubs to the back by Sawyer and he rams Fargo's head into the mat. Sawyer throws Fargo out of the ring, but he brings him back in and forces him to tag in Hart. Hart comes in the ring, knee by Sawyer and he punches Hart to the mat. Muta goes up to the top turnbuckle and hits a chop to the top of Hart's head. Muta rubs his boot into Hart's face and Muta throws Hart out of the ring before delivering a back kick to Fargo on the apron. Sawyer throws Hart back into the ring, Muta picks up Hart, Irish whip, and Muta delivers a dropkick. Muta tags in Sawyer, and Sawyer hits a legdrop onto Hart. Sawyer picks up Hart and chokes him against the ropes. Snapmare by Sawyer and he hits a series of elbow drops. Sawyer picks up Hart and tags in Muta, and Muta thrusts Hart in the throat. Muta picks up Hart, snapmare, and he nails the Flashing Elbow. Leg drop by Muta and he rakes Hart in the eyes. Muta tags in Sawyer, Sawyer picks up Hart and hits a series of headbutts. Muta is tagged back in, Irish whip by Muta to the corner and he hits a Space Rolling Elbow. Muta tags in Sawyer, Sawyer picks up Hart and hits a belly to belly suplex. Sawyer goes up top and nails the body press, cover, and he picks up the three count. Your winners: Great Muta and Buzz Sawyer

Match Thoughts: It was interesting during this time period as Muta was switching from being a singles wrestler to more of a faction wrestler. And that is not to say he didn't still have singles matches of course but he was no longer the main focus, the faction feud was the focus. Which I think hurt him a bit, as he was sharing the spotlight with the likes of Sawyer and Dragonmaster, two wrestlers that I do not like nearly as much as I like Muta. Also, Starrcade was coming up and it would have been nice if he had gotten more of a boost since Muta was one of the singles wrestlers in the tournament. But Muta was still fun to watch here, especially when he ran over and randomly kicked Fargo off the apron. For a pretty short lived stable that most people don't remember, J-Tex was getting a lot of time on Saturday Night from October to February. Score: 3.5

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