The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Keiji Mutoh and Nobuhiko Takada vs. Kevin and Kerry Von Erich
on December 7th, 1987

Event: New Japan Pro Wrestling
Location: Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan
Attendance:  Unknown

JIP with Mutoh in the ring with Kevin. Scoop slam by Mutoh, cover, but it gets a two count. Mutoh applies the headscissors to Kevin, but Kevin gets out of it and forearms Mutoh in the back of the head. Kevin tags in Kerry, Irish whip, and Kerry hits Mutoh with the discus punch. Cover, but it gets a two count. Irish whip by Kerry and he applies a sleeperhold. Mutoh pushes Kerry into the corner to get out of it, Irish whip, but Mutoh avoids Kerry's charge. Irish whip by Mutoh and he hits the Space Rolling Elbow before tagging in Takada. Punches by Takada to Kerry in the corner, snapmare, and he applies a knee lock. Kicks to the leg by Takada, he puts Kerry's leg over the bottom rope and jumps down onto it. Takada tags in Mutoh, single leg takedown by Mutoh and he snaps back on Kerry's leg. Kerry applies the Iron Claw but Mutoh rakes his eyes, Kevin is tagged in but Mutoh also tags in Takada. Kevin punches Takada back and applies the Iron Claw. Irish whip by Kevin but Takada hits a spinning heel kick and tags in Mutoh. Rib breaker by Mutoh, he goes up to the top turnbuckle but Kerry from the apron puts Mutoh in the Iron Claw, dragging him out of the ring. The referee doesn't approve and calls for the bell. Your winners by DQ: Keiji Mutoh and Nobuhiko Takada

Match Thoughts: I still think the Iron Claw is one of the more silly moves in wrestling, and seeing little Kevin Von Erich do it certainly doesn't help. Probably a good percentage of the match was missed, but I will say that I liked the ending with Kerry putting Mutoh in the Iron Claw and dragging him from the top turnbuckle all the way to the floor. So that was a fun visual, which is better then nothing. Score: N/A

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