The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta, Sawyer, and Dragonmaster vs. Rock Hard Rick, Steel, and Ford
on December 16th, 1989

Event: NWA World Championship Wrestling
Location: Atlanta, GA
Announced Attendance: Unknown

Dragonmaster and Rick start things off. Punches by Dragonmaster and he chokes Rick against the mat. Dragonmaster throws Rick into the corner and tags in Sawyer. Vertical suplex by Sawyer and he chokes Rick again, he picks him up and throws Rick out of the ring. Dragonmaster rams Rick into the railing and rolls him back into the ring. Sawyer rubs Rick's face into the mat and he tags in Dragonmaster. Dragonmaster picks up Rick and Rick tags in Ford. Snapmare by Dragonmaster onto Ford and he hits the dragon stomp. Dragonmaster hits one to the back of Ford as well, he picks up Ford and throws him into his corner before tagging in Muta. Stomp by Muta and Ford tags in Steel. Kick to the stomach by Muta to Steel, Irish whip, and Muta hits a back bodydrop. Muta tags in Sawyer, Sawyer picks up Steel, Irish whip, and Sawyer delivers a dropkick. Sawyer tags in Dragonmaster, and Dragonmaster kicks Steel in the ribs. Another kick by Dragonmaster, he picks up Steel and Dragonmaster tags in Muta. Vertical suplex by Muta and he delivers the Flashing Elbow. Muta picks up Steel and tags in Sawyer, roll-up by Sawyer but it gets a two count. Steel manages to tag in Ford, Irish whip by Sawyer to Ford and he nails a hard elbow. Sawyer tags in Dragonmaster, and Dragonmaster applies a neck nerve hold. Dragonmaster tags in Muta and Muta kicks Ford in the ribs before allowing him to tag in Steel. Back kick by Muta to Steel, Irish whip to the corner and he delivers the Space Rolling Elbow. Muta tags in Sawyer, Steel tries to fight off Sawyer but Sawyer catches him and drops Steel with a powerslam. Sawyer tags in Muta, but Muta tags Sawyer back in and Sawyer hits the body press off the top turnbuckle for the three count. Your winners: Great Muta, Buzz Sawyer, and Dragonmaster

Match Thoughts: I am glad I am done with 1989, as I am not really a big fan of these faction squash matches. The J-Tex Connection doesn't have much of a... connection, the stable just feels thrown together and most of the time the crowd isn't really buying it. To add to that, the crowd still kinda likes Muta, and Muta doesn't really act like he belongs in the group. The offensive itself was also really uninspired, lots of kicks and tagging out and more kicks. I had forgotten at the age of six that Muta's WCW run ended on such a dull note as he was only around another two months or so after this event. Score: 3.0

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