The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta vs. Lex Luger
on December 13th, 1989

Event: WCW Starrcade "Future Shock"
Location: Atlanta, GA
Announced Attendance: 6,000

Luger is still selling the leg injury from Flair's figure four earlier tonight.  Match starts with a tie-up, clean break by Luger.  Another tie-up in the corner, and another clean break by Luger.  Knee to the gut by Luger, Irish whip, but Luger collapses from his previous knee injury.  Muta goes after the injured leg with a variety of attacks and submissions.  After several minutes of abuse, Luger fights back with a few kicks, but he collapses again on the attempted suplex.  Leg crank by Muta in the corner, followed by more kicks to the leg of Luger.  Luger gets back to his feet, Irish whip by Muta to the corner, and the Space Rolling Elbow nails Luger.  Luger breaks out of a leg submission with an eye rake and starts punching on Muta. Cover, but only a two count.  Quick side sweep by Muta, and Luger is back on the mat holding his leg.  More kicks to the leg by Muta, and he pulls him out of the corner back to the middle of the ring.  Single leg crab hold by Muta, followed by the Muta Lock.  More kicks to the legs of Luger, and Muta twists Luger's leg around the ropes and continues to kick it.  Luger fights back with punches, but Muta nails the jumping back kick, sending Luger to the mat.  Irish whip by Muta, and he delivers the dropkick.  Luger slowly gets back up, and clotheslines Muta down.  Luger fights back with kicks, and the two trade punches.  Irish whip by Luger into the turnbuckle, and a back bodydrop.  Luger throws Muta out of the ring, and as he gets back in, gets the sunset flip on Luger.  Powerslam by Luger, and he signals for the torture rack, Muta doesn't want to cooperate, so he sprays mist in Luger's face.  As satisfying as it probably felt, it did get him disqualified, since the referee was standing right next to him.  Your winner:  Lex Luger

Match Thoughts:  Even though my play-by-play is shorter, it was a full 15 minute match... I just didn't type up every submission hold that Muta did to Luger's leg.  Once again, I feel the predictability hurt the match.  Obviously Luger couldn't win by pinfall or submission, for if he had, he would have won the tournament automatically.  Most promotions don't aim to make their last match pointless, so that didn't happen here. It wasn't a bad match per se, it was just mostly Muta attacking Luger's Leg.  To Luger's credit, he did sell the leg injury well the entire match, so I can't complain about ring psychology.  A solid match, but once again one that would have been a lot better had it not been in this particular tournament.  Score:  6.0

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