The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta vs. Sting
on December 13th, 1989

Event: WCW Starrcade "Future Shock"
Location: Atlanta, GA
Announced Attendance: 6,000

The two losers from their first matches face off in the point-based tournament.  The match begins with a tie-up, full nelson by Muta, but Sting reverses it into a full nelson of his own.  Muta reaches the ropes however, but instead of allowing the clean break, Muta gives Sting the spinning heel kick.  One of the many advantages to being the heel in the match.  Muta punches Sting and applies a side headlock.  Sting gets back to his feet, Irish whip, but Muta knocks him down with a shoulderblock.  Muta goes off the ropes, and after a few passes, Sting flips Muta over to regain the advantage.  Snap suplex by Sting, cover, but only a two count.  Armbar by Sting, then an atomic drop.  Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock, but Muta gets to the ropes.  Muta rolls outside to get a breath, and eventually gets back in.  Tie-up, but Muta rakes Sting's eyes.  Another eye rake in the corner, Irish whip, and a back bodydrop by Muta.  Snapmare by Muta, and a quick Muta elbow drop.  Cattle Mutilation by Muta, but Sting gets out of it.  Punches by Sting, then he runs Muta across the ring and slams his head into the turnbuckle.  Irish whip by Sting and he drops Muta with a military press slam.  Powerslam by Sting, then he drops the elbow onto Muta.  Cover, but another two count.  Reverse chinlock by Sting, but Muta slowly gets up and pushes Sting into the turnbuckle.  The referee asks for the clean break, but Muta hits repeated strikes onto Sting with his shoulder.  Muta starts choking Sting against the ropes, chops and kicks in the corner, and a backbreaker back in the middle of the ring.  Muta goes up for the moonsault, Sting moves, but Muta predicts that he would and lands on his feet.  Sting gets up feeling clever, but Muta greets him with a spinning heel kick, sending him back to the mat.  Muta goes to the top rope again, but Sting dropkicks him, leaving Muta straddling the top rope.  Sting joins him on top, superplex, and Sting scores the three count victory.  Your winner:  Sting

Match Thoughts:  At least it was a full match this time.  This is the problem with the point system, since it was pretty easy to predict Sting would win, since Sting has the last match and they wouldn't make the last match not matter.  Also, Sting was noticeably tired at some points during the match, after his full 15 minute match with Luger.  Muta was allowed to hit some of his big moves, but this match simply wasn't long enough.  But Muta did get more of a chance to shine then in the last match and came across as a legitimate threat, it is more a problem with the tournament itself then anything wrong with Sting or Mutoh.  Score: 5.5 

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