The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta vs. Minoru Suzuki
on November 3rd, 2008

Event: All Japan Pro Wrestling "Love in Ryogoku Vol. 6"
Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance: 9,500

This match is for the Triple Crown Championship. Muta spits mist in the air after the bell rings and the wrestlers circle each other. Muta rolls out of the ring so Suzuki rolls out as well on the opposite side. Muta looks under the ring, they both roll back in the ring but Muta rolls right back out and looks under the ring again. Muta rolls back in, but now it is Suzuki that rolls out of the ring. Suzuki returns and does a quick kick to Muta's leg. He goes for another but Muta catches it, waistlock by Muta and he goes for Suzuki's leg. They struggle for position with Muta staying on top, and he applies a kneelock. Suzuki reverses it into a leg lock of his own but Muta gets out of it and rolls out of the ring. Suzuki quickly rolls out after him and they both return to the ring, with Suzuki kicking Muta in the legs. Leg lock by Suzuki but Muta makes it to the ropes. Dragon screw leg whip by Suzuki, he goes like he is going to do a Shining Wizard but he slaps Muta instead. Muta gets mad and throws Suzuki out of the ring, he throws Suzuki into the ring post but Suzuki fights back. Suzuki grabs a chair but Muta hits a Shining Wizard, knocking the chair back into Suzuki. Muta jabs a spike into Suzuki's head, busting him open.Muta then grabs the ring bell and hits Suzuki in the head with it before returning to the ring. Suzuki gets back in as well but Muta stomps Suzuki in the head. Irish whip by Muta and he applies the sleeper hold. He bites Suzuki in the head while keeping the hold applied and the referee forces him to break. STF by Muta but Suzuki eventually makes it to the ropes and Muta bites him in the head again. Flashing Elbow by Muta, he goes off the ropes but Suzuki is up and knees him in the stomach. Kicks by Suzuki and he slaps Muta repeatedly in the face. Mounted punches by Suzuki, but Muta quickly rolls out of the ring. Suzuki goes out after him and slides him back in, he goes for a kick, Muta catches it and goes for a dragon screw leg whip, but Suzuki blocks it and applies the cross armbreaker until Muta reaches the ropes to break the hold. Which he eventually does. After the referee keeps hitting him.

Muta rolls out of the ring, but Suzuki goes out as well and looks for him. Suzuki grabs a chair and takes it with him until he finds Muta. Suzuki hits Muta repeatedly with the chair until the referee breaks it up, and Suzuki gets back in the ring. Muta follows, but when he gets on the apron Suzuki applies a hanging triangle choke over the top rope. He finally releases Muta, who falls back out of the ring. Muta grabs a chair and brings it back in the ring with him, but Suzuki kicks it into him and grabs it himself. With Suzuki holding the chair Muta kicks it into Suzuki, he then sets it up and delivers a Shining Wizard off the chair onto Suzuki. Muta grabs the chair again but Suzuki avoids the swing and applies a choke sleeper. Muta still has the chair but drops it, and Suzuki hits a Gotch-style piledriver right onto the chair. Suzuki waits for Muta to get up and re-applies the choke sleeper, but Muta gets out of it. Muta goes for the mist but Suzuki blocks it with his hand and puts the choke sleeper back on. Cover by Suzuki but Muta kicks out. Suzuki applies the sleeper again, Muta struggles to his feet and pushes Suzuki back into the corner. Shining Wizard by Muta, and he dropkicks Suzuki in the knee. Dragon screw leg whip by Muta and he hits a Shining Wizard, then another one from behind, but when he goes for a third Suzuki grabs his leg and applies the cross kneelock. Muta tries to blow mist into Suzuki's face but Suzuki ducks it, Suzuki goes off the ropes and goes for a PK but Muta catches his leg and hits a dragon screw leg whip. Shining Wizard by Muta, he goes up to the top turnbuckle but Suzuki is up and applies the sleeper. Sleeper Takedown by Suzuki, but Muta struggles back to his feet. Suzuki releases the hold, he goes to make a cover but he gets the mist in the face (Muta finally got him). Shining Wizard by Muta, backbreaker, he goes up to the top turnbuckle and nails the moonsault. Cover, but Suzuki kicks out at two. Suzuki walks around the ring but goes back to his knees, Muta hits a Shining Wizard and he picks up the three count. Your winner and still champion: Great Muta

Post match: Takayama comes out, and apparently he will be a challenger for the Triple Crown in the future.

Match Thoughts: Disappointing all the way around. Minoru Suzuki, the vast majority of the time, just isn't good in big singles matches. He is a great heel, great at getting storylines over and a very good tag team wrestler, but most of his singles matches over 15 minutes or so just drag on as his offense is just not that interesting. He needs more moves then just the sleeper. The match still wasn't bad, with the general storyline that Suzuki just snaps when he notices he is bleeding and beats the hell out of Muta. But it took it awhile to pick up, as the first half of the match was really uneventful and slow and the last five minutes seemed to take an eternity as they kept doing the same spots over and over. Unfortunately the crowd was so burned out by the last match they weren't vocal at all, and they didn't even make much of a noise when Muta picked up the (somewhat sudden/bizarre) win. They actually got quieter as the match went on, the opposite of what a match is supposed to do. If they had finished the match in around half the time and upped the tempo with the same general story, it would have helped, but as it was just too slow to get rolling. Unfortunatelly this match wasn't one of his best and hopefully Takayama will be a better fit. Score: 5.5

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