The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Keiji Mutoh and Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Nobuhiko Takada and Shiro Koshinaka
on November 24th, 1986

Event: New Japan Pro Wrestling
Location: Unknown

Takada and Koshinaka jump their opponents to start the match with Fujinami getting double teamed until Mutoh makes the save. Koshinaka and Fujinami stay in the ring as the legal men, and Koshinaka tags in Takada. Kicks by Takada, snapmare, and he tags Koshinaka back in. More quick tags as Takada stomps on Fujinami and delivers a back kick. Kicks to the chest by Takada, snapmare, and he tags in Koshinaka. Dropkick by Koshinaka and he hits a German suplex onto Fujinami, but Mutoh breaks it up. Takada is tagged in, and he drops Fujinami with a tombstone piledriver. Takada picks up Fujinami, kicks by Takada and he makes the tag to Koshinaka. Backdrop suplex by Koshinaka, cover, but it gets a two count. Koshinaka picks up Fujinami and he hits a tombstone piledriver as well, cover, but Fujinami kicks out. Koshinaka tags in Takada, Takada picks up Fujinami and he hits yet another tombstone piledriver. Cover, but Fujinami gets a shoulder up. Snapmare by Takada and he tags in Koshinaka, and Koshinaka hits a double arm suplex for a two count cover. Koshinaka applies a headscissors but Fujinami gets into the ropes. Koshinaka picks up Fujinami and tags in Takada, kicks to the chest by Takada and he stomps on Fujinami. Takada picks up Fujinami and slams him with a belly to belly suplex, cover, but it gets a two count. German suplex hold by Takada, but Mutoh breaks it up. Cross kneelock by Takada, but Fujinami makes it to the ropes. Takada tags in Koshinaka, Koshinaka goes for the figure four by Fujinami kicks him off. Snapmare by Koshinaka and he hits a legdrop, cover, but it gets a two count. Crab hold by Koshinaka, he releases the hold and they trade strikes. Hiptoss by Koshinaka and he tags in Takada, Irish whip by Fujinami but Takada shoulderblocks him down. Takada charges Fujinami but Fujinami throws Takada out of the ring. Fujinami tries to suplex Takada back into the ring but Takada lands on his feet, Irish whip by Fujinami but Takada avoids the dropkick attempt. Takada picks up Fujinami, Irish whip to the corner and the two trade slaps. Irish whip by Takada but Fujinami hits a lariat and tags in Mutoh. Koshinaka is tagged in as well, Irish whip by Koshinaka to Mutoh but Mutoh shoulderblocks him down. Mutoh goes off the ropes and he dropkicks Koshinaka to the mat out of the ring. Mutoh kicks Koshinaka as he re-enters the ring, snapmare by Mutoh and he applies a headscissors. Koshinaka gets out of it and tags in Takada, and they drop Mutoh with a spike piledriver. Cover by Takada but it gets a two count.

Takada picks up Mutoh and goes for the arm, but Mutoh gets a foot on the ropes. Cross armbreaker by Takada, but Mutoh gets out of it and snaps Takada's leg back. Takada gets the advantage and applies the cross armbreaker again, front facelock by Mutoh and he goes for his own cross armbreaker, but Mutoh quickly gets out of it. Mutoh picks up Takada and delivers a headbutt, snapmare and he slaps on the reverse chinlock. Takada slaps Mutoh as they back off, and Takada tags in Koshinaka. Mutoh tells Takada to tag back in, but Koshinaka slaps him and they trade blows. Scoop slam by Koshinaka, he goes off the ropes and he avoids Mutoh's dropkick. Koshinaka picks up Mutoh but Mutoh avoids the lariat attempt, chops by Koshinaka in the corner, Irish whip by Mutoh and he hits the Space Rolling Elbow. Mutoh tags in Fujinami, and Fujinami kicks Koshinaka in the ribs. Fujinami picks up Koshinaka, Irish whip, and Fujinami delivers a dropkick. Fujinami tags in Mutoh, and Mutoh twists on Koshinaka's leg. Takada comes in and breaks it up, Koshinaka picks up Mutoh and tags in Takada. Double headbutt to Mutoh, and Takada kicks Mutoh in the head. More kicks by Takada, Mutoh catches one but Takada punches him away. Back kick by Takada and he tags Koshinaka in. Koshinaka picks up Mutoh, and Koshinaka hits a vertical suplex. Cover, but it gets a two count. Sleeper hold by Koshinaka and he tags in Takada. Takada picks up Mutoh and chops him into the corner before landing a kick, but Mutoh catches his next kick and takes Takada to the mat. Mutoh goes for the Scorpion Deathlock and gets it applied, but Koshinaka breaks it up. Mutoh tags in Fujinami and Fujinami hits a vertical suplex. Fujinami picks up Takada, he goes for the dragon suplex but Takada blocks it and tags in Koshinaka. Irish whip by Koshinaka but Fujinami shoulderblocks him down. Hip attack by Koshinaka and he hits a vertical suplex. Cover, but it gets two. Backdrop suplex by Fujinami and he tags in Mutoh, Mutoh picks up Koshinaka and delivers a tombstone piledriver. Mutoh goes up to the top turnbuckle and nails the moonsault, cover, but Takada breaks it up. Koshinaka tags in Takada and Takada comes in the ring with a missile dropkick. Mutoh ducks a Takada high kick however, with Takada getting tied up in the ropes. Mutoh hits a lariat with both wrestlers falling out of the ring, but they quickly return, takedown by Takada and he applies a leg lock. Mutoh rolls to the ropes to force a break, and both of them roll out of the ring. They keep the leg hold applied as they lay on the floor outside the ring, until Koshinaka and Fujinami come over and stomp their respective opponent. Mutoh tries to get back in the ring, Takada holds him, and Takada can't get back in before the bell rings. Double Count Out.

Re-Start: Match is restarted with Mutoh still the legal man with Takada. Mutoh blocks a Takada kick, waistlock by Mutoh but Takada applies an arm submission. Mutoh gets out of it and catches a Takada kick, applying a leg submission of his own. Takada gets out of it, tombstone piledriver attempt by Takada but Fujinami interferes to stop the move. Mutoh picks up Takada, backbreaker, Mutoh goes up to the top turnbuckle but Takada is up and dropkicks Mutoh, causing Mutoh to fall to the apron eventually down to the floor. Fujinami runs in the ring and dropkicks Takada out of the ring, and with Mutoh and Takada on the floor, Fujinami and Koshinaka battle inside the ring. They all take it to the floor as Mutoh dumps Takada over the railing. But the bell rings in the meantime, Double Count Out again.

Match Thoughts: Hmm well, going beyond the weird restart and same ending, not a bad match, but the lack of selling for big moves was a bit annoying. Lots of tombstone piledrivers, killing the move for this match, and Koshinaka acted pretty much unaffected by Mutoh's moonsault which at this point wasn't an automatic kill move but still was given a bit more respect then that. But if you ignore the selling the action itself was solid, I enjoyed the fast start and Mutoh really showed a lot of spunk against the UWF team. As far as the ending, it was really odd to have a restart, then have the restart be pretty slow before ending with the same ending as the original match. Not sure what was going on there, if they had a sprint for three minutes after the re-start it would have made a bit more sense but as it was it was odd and the crowd really died out by the end as they were confused too. It was far from bad, there was goodness sprinkled throughout, but more frustrating then anything else as a whole. Score: 5.5

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