The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Super Black Ninja vs. Kevin Von Erich
On November 11th, 1988

Event: WCCW TV Taping
Location: Dallas, TX
Attendance:  Unknown

They circle each other to start as Erich avoids a Ninja spinning kick. Arm wringer by Ninja but Erich rolls out of it and dropkicks Ninja to the mat. Back up, kick to the ribs by Ninja and a snapmare, he goes for the Oriental Claw but Erich blocks it. We get a commercial break, upon returning Ninja is chopping Erich against the ropes. Ninja rakes Erich in the eyes but Erich kicks him in the stomach. Punches by Ninja but Erich blocks one and punches him back. Erich goes up to the top turnbuckle and jumps down onto Ninja with an elbow. Erich goes for the Iron Claw but Ninja blocks it. Irish whip by Ninja, reversed, and Erich hits a back bodydrop. Kick to the head by Erich and he rams Ninja into the corner. Erich grabs Ninja but Ninja applies the Oriental Claw! Erich applies the Iron Claw in response as both wrestlers now have the claw on each other. While they are both in the claw, Kendo Nagasaki comes in the ring and hits Erich with a kendo stick. Erich dropkicks Nagasaki out of the ring, and Ninja is disqualified. Your winner: Kevin Von Erich

Match Thoughts: They put it over on commentary as some amazing unforgettable match but I don't see it. It was short (less than five minutes was shown), and not a whole hell of a lot happened. The dual claw holds looked ridiculous, and then the match had a non-ending since the interference came when both wrestlers were in theory on equal footing. Seemed like a pretty flat main event to me, it put over Ninja as a threat but that was about it. Score: 3.5

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