The Many
Faces of Mutoh
The Ninja vs. The Falcon
October, 1986

Event: CWF House Show
Location: Unknown

Tie-up to start, Ninja pushes Falcon into the ropes and he gives a clean break. Tie-up again, but Falcon pushes Ninja back. Tie-up again, Ninja gets Falcon into the ropes but Falcon pushes him when Ninja gives a break. Tie-up, and Falcon hits an armdrag. Tie-up again, wristlock by Ninja and he applies an arm wringer. Falcon reverses it and he elbows Ninja in the arm repeatedly. Ninja pushes Falcon into the corner, Irish whip, reversed, and Falcon applies an armbar. Ninja gets to his feet, Irish whip by Ninja but Falcon hits a shoulderblock. Hip toss by Falcon and then an armdrag. *clip* as Ninja picks up Falcon and chops him in the back of the head. Reverse chinlock by Ninja and he rakes Falcon in the eyes. Elbow drop by Ninja, but the tape cuts to something else and that is all of the match that is shown.

Match Thoughts: For those curious, Falcon here was Curtis Thompson, better known later on as Firebreaker Chip in WCW. Can't rate a match with no ending, but this was one of Mutoh's last matches in CWF before leaving for Japan, so it shows the end product that started with his match against Denny Brown in February. And he did improve quite a bit as the matches were more fluid as Mutoh got experience wrestling in a new environment with a new persona. The crowd really took to Ninja and in a way he was a bit ahead of his time (or maybe just ahead of the CWF). Not to ignore this match, it was fine, Mutoh was more interactive with the referee then I had seen before and overall looked a lot more comfortable then six months earlier. Nothing wrong with it, just too incomplete to say much about it. Score N/A

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