The Many
Faces of Mutoh
The Steiner Brothers vs. Keiji Mutoh and Hiroshi Hase
on January 4th, 1994

Event: New Japan at the Tokyo Dome
Tokyo, Japan
Attendance: 62,000

Scott and Hase start things off. Tackle by Scott and he goes for a waistlock into a bridged pin, but it gets a one count as Hase rolls over to his side. They get to their feet but Hase escapes Scott's grasp. Hase pushes Scott down but Scott lands in the ropes and the referee forces a break. Waistlock takedown by Scott, he waits for Hase to get up and Hase delivers a fireman's carry takeover. Hase goes for Scott's arm but Scott reverses it into a stretch hold. Hase gets to the ropes after a moment and Scott breaks the hold. Hase tags in Mutoh so Scott makes the tag to Rick. Single leg takedown attempt by Rick but Mutoh escapes the hold. Tie-up, waistlock by Mutoh and he goes for a full nelson, Rick reverses it into a waistlock but Mutoh reaches the ropes. Tie-up again, double leg takedown by Rick and he applies a waistlock, he gets Mutoh in the mount position and makes the tag to Scott. Irish whip by Scott and Scott hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Mutoh quickly rolls out of the ring but after a moment he returns and tags in Hase. Hase goes for a suplex, Scott blocks it but Hase takes Scott to the mat and applies a crossface. Back up, side headlock takeover by Scott and he keeps the hold applied on the mat. Scott rolls Hase over and applies a stretch hold, but Hase gets a foot on the ropes. Back up, Irish whip by Hase but Scott shoulderblocks him down. Double underhook slam by Scott, Mutoh comes in but Rick press slams him while Scott hits a press slam on Hase. Mutoh and Hase roll out of the ring while the Steiner Brothers pose inside of it. Hase returns, chops by Hase and he tags in Mutoh. Mutoh throws Scott out onto the rampway and hits a vertical suplex. Mutoh then runs most of the way up the ramp and then charges back, delivering a lariat to Scott as he stands back up. He then grabs Rick, suplexes him on the ramp and this time Hase delivers the running lariat. Back in the ring, Mutoh snapmares Scott to the mat and applies the figure four leglock. Mutoh tags in Hase and Hase applies the Muta Lock. Hase tags Mutoh back in and they make a wish with Scott's legs. Ankle lock by Mutoh, but Scott reverses it. Mutoh lands close enough to his corner to tag in Hase, chops by Hase but Scott fights back and nails a dragon suplex. Scott tags in Rick, Rick gets Hase up on his shoulder and rams him into the corner. Punches by Rick but Hase chops him back into the corner and makes the tag to Mutoh. Snapmare by Mutoh and he nails the Flash Elbow.

Snapmare again and Mutoh goes for the arm of Rick, but Rick slams Mutoh to get out of the hold. Mutoh quickly tags in Hase and Hase delivers a uranage. Hase goes up to the top turnbuckle but Scott grabs him from the outside and Rick hits a belly to belly suplex off the top turnbuckle. Rick tags in Scott, Irish whip by Scott and he hits a lariat. Mutoh comes in the ring but he eats a lariat as well, Irish whip by Scott and he hits the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count cover. Scott picks up Hase and absolutely KILLS him with the Steiner Screwdriver before posing in the corner as the crowd goes nuts. Mutoh tries to help but Rick hits a belly to belly suplex off the top turnbuckle on him. Scott drags Hase to his feet and hits a lariat, but Hase doesn't go down. A second one doesn't work either, he goes for a third but Hase catches him with an uranage. A second uranage by Hase, cover, but it gets a two count. Hase tags in Mutoh, Irish whip by Mutoh and he hits a back bodydrop. Mutoh picks up Scott, Irish whip, and he delivers a dropkick. Mutoh tags in Hase, chop by Hase and he picks up Scott so that Mutoh can hit a face crusher off the top turnbuckle. Mutoh dropkicks Rick out of the ring and sails out onto him with a pescado, while Hase hits a German suplex hold in the ring on Scott for a two count. Chops by Hase and he hits the Northern Lights Suplex, but Rick breaks it up. Hase picks up Scott and tags in Mutoh, Mutoh throws Scott into the corner, Irish whip, and he hits the cartwheel elbow strike followed by the face crusher. Mutoh goes for the dragon suplex but Rick breaks it up, backbreaker by Mutoh on Scott and he nails the moonsault! Cover, but Scott barely kicks out in time. Kicks by Mutoh, he goes off the ropes but Scott hits a Frankensteiner! Mutoh tags in Hase but Scott also makes the tag, and Hase is met with a lariat from Rick. Irish whip by Rick and he hits a press slam followed by an elbow drop. Cover, but it gets a two count. Rick picks up Hase, Irish whip, and he delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Rick puts Hase onto his shoulders while Scott goes up to the top turnbuckle and they nail a union avalanche-style DDT. Double Irish whip to Mutoh as he gets into the ring to help Hase and they hit a double shoulderblock. Scott puts Hase on his shoulders as Rick goes to the top turnbuckle and they hit the union top rope bulldog. Cover, and Scott picks up the three count! Your winners: The Steiner Brothers

Match Thoughts: The crowd really woke up for this match, which says a lot for all the combatants as they had been pretty mild up to this point. The selling was extremely suspect and the transitions were really poor at times, but I still enjoyed the match. All four of these wrestlers are just so good at what they do and the crowd was really into the action. The Steiner Screwdriver looked great and got a loud reaction, and the wrestling in general was very crisp. As I mentioned the transitions were not very good (such as Scott hitting a dragon suplex out of no where and Hase rebounding from the Steiner Screwdriver very easily), and while things like that will keep a match from being a classic it doesn't really make them not entertaining. A pretty fun match all-around. Score: 7.0

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