The Many
Faces of Mutoh
The Great Muta and KAI vs. Scott Lost and Joey Ryan
on January 30th, 2010

Event: Pro Wrestling Guerrilla "Kurt Russellmania"
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Attendance:  Unknown

Muta and Lost start things off. Waistlock by Muta, but Lost gets out of it with an armdrag. Muta trips Lost and goes for the leg, but Lost gets out of it and returns to his feet. Lost asks for a Test of Strength but applies a wristlock, but Muta gets out of it with an eye rake. Side headlock takedown by Muta, Lost gets back to his feet and Irish whips out of it, but Muta shoulderblocks him down. Muta goes off the ropes but Lost catches him with a pair of armdrags and a dropkick. Muta rolls out of the ring to re-group but after a moment gets back in the ring and tags in KAI. Ryan tags in as well, they take a minute to engage but eventually tie-up, side headlock by KAI, Ryan Irish whips out of it but KAI shoulderblocks him down. They both go off the ropes, elbow by Ryan, Irish whip, reversed, but Ryan catches KAI with a swinging neckbreaker. Ryan tags in Lost, Lost picks up KAI and goes for a brainbuster but KAI reverses it into a brainbuster of his own. KAI tags in Muta, kicks by Muta to Lost in the corner and Muta delivers the Flashing Elbow. Muta grabs Lost and begins wrenching on his leg. Muta applies the STF but Lost makes it to the ropes. Muta tags in KAI, KAI picks up Lost, Irish whip, and he hits a spinebuster. KAI slaps on a crab hold but Ryan breaks it up. Elbow drop by KAI, he picks up Lost, snapmare, and he tags in Muta. Takedown by Muta and he kicks Lost in the chest. Dragon screw leg whip by Muta and he applies a cross kneelock. Muta tags in KAI, KAI grabs Lost and applies an armbar right in front of Ryan. Back up, and KAI sends Lost to the mat with a lariat. Irish whip to the corner by KAI and he connects with a double knee. Scoop slam by KAI, he goes up to the second turnbuckle and hits a diving foot stomp. Cover, but it gets a two count. Elbows by KAI, he goes off the ropes but Lost hits an elbow followed by a dropkick. Lost tags in Ryan, and Ryan hits a lariat followed by an elbow. Hurricanrana by Ryan and he hits a dropkick, but Muta comes in the ring. Jawbreaker by Ryan to Muta and he delivers a dropkick to him as well. Ryan tags in Lost, Lost grabs KAI and hits a roundhouse kick for a two count. Lost picks up KAI, he goes off the ropes but KAI nails a springboard enzigieri. KAI tags in Muta but Ryan comes in the ring and kicks Muta, allowing Lost to deliver an Ace Crusher to Muta. They knock KAI to the floor, Ryan goes to hit a tope suicida onto KAI, but as he dives out KAI holds out a yellow "caution" sign and hits Ryan with it. Kick by Muta to Lost and he gets the caution sign, but Lost kicks Muta in the stomach and takes it from him. Lost goes to hit Muta with the sign, but the referee takes it away from him and puts it out of the ring. While the referee gets rid of the sign, Lost turns around and is hit in the face with Muta's Poison Mist! KAI comes back in the ring and delivers a super kick to Lost, and Muta finishes him with a Shining Wizard for the three count. Your winners: Great Muta and KAI

Match Thoughts: A good match, not great by any means but entertaining. When the match was announced I knew that Muta would be doing minimal, it was a mid-card tag team match with him teamed with a much younger wrestler, but he didn't appear to be phoning it in and aside from no moonsault (which was expected) he hit all his spots for the live crowd. I have only seen Ryan and Lost a few times, they seem fine although Lost certainly did the bulk of the work in this match. It was good experience for KAI, I always feel it is good for wrestlers to face a wide variety of styles as it can only improve their skills, and there weren't any signs of miscommunications during the match. Pretty simple, but a solid match with Muta invading PWG to pick up the win. Score: 6.0

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