The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Great Muta, Sawyer, and Dragon Master vs. Flair, Sting, and Anderson
on January 27th, 1990

Event: WCW Power Hour
Location: Johnson City, TN
Attendance: Unknown

JIP with Sawyer hitting an elbow drop on Sting. Sting avoids the second one however, wristlock by Sting and he tags in Flair. Kick to the stomach by Flair, tie-up, Sawyer pushes Flair into the corner and gives him a chop. Flair returns the favor and the pair trade blows, but Sawyer tags in Dragon Master. Dragon Master and Flair exchange punches, with Flair getting the better of it. Snapmare by Flair and he delivers a knee drop. Flair tags in Anderson, and Anderson drops an elbow onto Dragon Master's leg before hitting a series of knee drops. Anderson tags in Sting, and Sting applies a submission hold. Dragon Master gets out of it and tags in Muta, kicks by Muta to the now legal Flair but Flair elbows Muta in the back of the head. They trade chops, and Muta delivers a back kick. Flair pushes Muta into the corner but Muta rakes him in the eyes. Backdrop suplex by Flair and he applies the figure four, but it is quickly broken up. Muta tags in Sawyer who chops Flair in the corner. Sawyer rams Flair's head into the turnbuckle, Irish whip, and Flair flies over the turnbuckle down to the floor. Muta sneaks around with Dragon Master and they ram Flair repeatedly into the railing before Sawyer comes out and continues the attack. Sting comes over but the referee gets him back. Chops by Sawyer to Flair still on the outside and he throws him into the railing. Dragon Master and Muta run over to stomp on Flair and they throw him into the ring post. Finally Flair is followed back in the ring with Dragon Master coming in as the legal man, armbar by Dragon Master but Flair armdrags out of it. Dragon Master tags in Sawyer, Irish whip by Sawyer and he delivers a powerslam. Cover, but it gets a two count. Sawyer picks up Flair and goes for a suplex, but Flair gives him an inside cradle for a two count. Sawyer tags in Muta, takedown by Muta but Flair kicks him back. Punches by Muta in the corner, Irish whip, and he nails the Space Rolling Elbow. Muta picks up Flair and tags in Dragon Master, chops by Dragon Master, Irish whip, and Flair goes over the turnbuckle to the apron. Flair climbs up top and jumps off with a chop to Dragon Master, giving him time to tag in Sting as Dragon Master tags in Sawyer. Sting dropkicks everybody, Irish whip to Sawyer and he hits the Stinger Splash. Sting applies the Scorpion Deathlock, but Muta strolls in and blows mist in his face, causing the DQ. Your winners: Ric Flair, Sting, and Arn Anderson

Post match: They continue to brawl, with Muta and friends getting the better of it. Sawyer hits a suplex onto Sting, he goes up to the top turnbuckle and while Muta holds down Sting, Sawyer comes off the top turnbuckle with a body press. Finally Muta and friends bail as Anderson comes into the ring to run them off.

Match Thoughts: About 10 minutes was cut out, I am sure the full match is floating around somewhere. The DQ finish was fine since Muta and company were very overmatched as they had Dragon Master who was useless against the NWA Champion and the TV Champion. I actually enjoy Muta's blatant interference to mist his enemy Sting, since he does sometimes not care about winning the match versus just causing damage. Plus, this was a set up for their match the following week at the Clash, with the difference being that Sting had issues with Flair in between which is another story. Anyway, a fun match, and anytime Flair actually connects with a top turnbuckle move you know it is a special day. Would like to see the full match though as it was joined pretty late, but it was still a very good Southern tag match. Score: N/A

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