The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Keiji Mutoh, Funaki, and S1 Mask vs. TARU, Hate, and Toru Owashi
on January 22nd, 2010

Event: All Japan "S1 No.1StyleXAll Japan S1 5th Anniversary - Union"
Location: Tokyo Korakuen Hall
Announced Attendance: 2,000

I'd think this would go without saying, but S1 Mask is Ryota Hama. They brawl to start the match, with the bad guys getting the better of it. The wrestlers spill out of the ring, with TARU getting the better of Mutoh. Owashi and S1 Mask end up in the ring, with S1 Mask knocking Owashi back. Owashi asks for a sumo challenge, S1 Mask accepts and they trade slaps. S1 Mask grabs Owashi and tosses him to the mat, winning the sumo battle. S1 Mask clubs on Owashi and hits a body slam. Leg drop by S1 Mask, cover, but it gets a two count. S1 Mask picks up Owashi and makes the tag to Funaki. Mid-kicks by Funaki, Irish whip, and Funaki delivers a back elbow. Senton by Funaki, cover, but it gets a two. Funaki grabs Owashi and tags in Mutoh. Mutoh picks up Owashi, snapmare, and he delivers the Flashing Elbow. Mutoh pulls back on Owashi's leg and he applies an STF. Owashi calls for help, Hate comes in the ring and breaks it up. Mutoh tags in S1 Mask, S1 Mask drops Owashi in front of the ropes and stands on top of him. S1 Mask picks up Owashi and drops him with a body slam. Elbow drop by S1 Mask, cover, but TARU breaks it up. S1 Mask goes off the ropes but he is tripped up from the outside. Hate comes in the ring as TARU is tagged in, and TARU kicks S1 Mask in the head. Cover, but it gets a two count. TARU tags in Hate, who works over S1 Mask's leg in the corner. Elbow drop to the leg by Hate and he tags in Owashi. Meanwhile TARU takes a rookie up to the announcing booth and throws water on the announcers and the hot girl that is with them. Oh, this match has random hot girls. Back to the ring, Hate is still kicking S1 Mask, then TARU kicks S1 Mask in the head with a box. Cover by Hate, but it gets a two count. Hate tags in TARU, and TARU chokes S1 Mask with his wrist tape. TARU tags in Owashi, Owashi pushes S1 Mask back into the corner and dropkicks his leg. Owashi grabs S1 Mask and knees him in the stomach. Owashi goes off the ropes and both wrestlers lariat each other. S1 Mask makes the hot tag to Funaki, Irish whip by Funaki to Owashi and he kicks him in the chest. Scoop slam by Funaki to Owashi, cover, but it gets a two count. Funaki picks up Owashi and kicks him in the chest, followed by an armdrag and an elbow drop. Cover, but again it gets a two. Funaki picks up Owashi and hits a chop followed by a high kick, but Owashi boots him when he charges in. Owashi tags in Hate, slaps by Hate and Funaki falls to the mat. Rolling kick by Funaki and he quickly tags in Mutoh. Mutoh dropkicks Hate in the leg then gives a dragon screw to TARU and Owashi. Dragon screw by Mutoh to Hate and he applies the figure four leglock. Funaki then comes in and puts TARU in choke, but Hate gets his fire extinguisher and sprays Mutoh with it. Back up, Mutoh is thrown into the corner and all of his opponents hit running strikes. Hate and then Owashi then set up Mutoh so that TARU can hit a bicycle kick to his groin. Backdrop suplex by Hate to Mutoh, cover, but it gets a two count. Hot girl comes in the ring to revive Mutoh with a little mouth to mouth (it is good to be the president), TARU interrupts her but Mutoh hulks up and holds TARU so that hot girl in her bikini could slap TARU. Shining Wizard by Mutoh to TARU, Hate comes in the ring, Irish whip to the corner to Hate and both Funaki and Mutoh hit strikes. Hama finishes with a running body press, Mutoh calls in the rookie from earlier (Nakanoue), and he hits a lariat. Body press by Hama, Mutoh waits for Hate to get to one knee and nails a Shining Wizard. Cover, and he picks up the three count! Your winners: Keiji Mutoh, Funaki, and S1 Mask

Match Thoughts: This is one of those shows All Japan does that is co-promoted but I am pretty sure an AV company of some sort. Don't google that from a work computer. So there were hot girls with big breasts everywhere which is all well and good, but the match itself was entertaining in a light-hearted way as well. Aside from the extra action this was just a typical house show six man tag, with all the normal staples one would expect to see. TARU and Hate don't exactly bring the wrestling so you know it won't be a wrestling clinic, but it was fun and the crowd enjoyed it. And I am sure Mutoh did as well. Score: 5.5

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