The Many
Faces of Mutoh
Super Black Ninja vs. Jimmy Jack Funk
On January 20th, 1989

Event: WCCW TV Taping
Location: Dallas, TX
Announced Attendance: 900 

After some stalling they get started, tie-up, wristlock by Funk into an arm wringer, but Ninja reverses it. Funk rolls out of it and punches Ninja in the face before re-applying the arm wringer. Irish whip by Ninja but Funk hits an armdrag. Wristlock by Funk and he yanks on Ninja's arm. Arm wringer by Funk, and we get a commercial break. As we come back, Irish whip by Funk but Ninja delivers a back kick. Chop to the back of the head by Ninja and he kicks Funk in the ribs. Ninja chokes Funk against the top rope, and Ninja rakes Funk in the eyes. Abdominal stretch by Ninja and he kicks Funk in the ribs. Snapmare by Ninja and he delivers a headbutt. Vertical suplex by Funk and he kicks Ninja in the ribs. More kicks by Funk, Irish whip, and Funk delivers a lariat. Mounted punches by Funk, snapmare, and Funk rakes Ninja in the eyes with his boot. Funk picks up Ninja and hits another vertical suplex. Skandor Akbar gets on the apron and calls to the back, while Funk continues punching Ninja. Iceman Parsons runs down and attacks Funk, leading to to the match being called a No Contest.

Post match: More wrestlers come down including Brickhouse Brown, Gary Young, Eric Emory, Jeff Jarrett, and Cactus Jack. A brawl naturally ensues.

Match Thoughts: This was more of a storyline match than anything else, to continue one of the main feuds in the promotion (Funk used to wrestle under Akbar, but had turned face, leading to them feuding). They'd have more decisive matches in the upcoming months before Mutoh left WCCW for WCW in March. As for just the match itself, it wasn't that great as a third of it was Funk controlling things with an arm wringer which just isn't incredibly exciting. Plus Ninja didn't get to do any of his nifty moves as the match ended too quickly. For a main event, a bit disappointing. Score: 4.0

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